Missing breed: Priob

  • https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ob_(cheval)
    http://www.ruhorses.ru/horse/local/local_horse_foto.html (under Приобская лошадь thing)
    Also known as
    Ob Pony

    Ob pony is originating from western siberia. Mainly used as draft pony. Endangered with extinction.

    In Russian, the race is called priobskaya, or Ostyak-Vogul. Ob is the English name. The race is listed as "Priobskaya" (which is considered the most common international name) on DAD-IS, but under "Ob Pony" in other international publications.

    Breed - Ob Pony/Priob
    Group - pony
    base - black, bay (most often), chestnut, seal brown
    modifiers - flaxen, pangare (rare), cream (very rare)
    white markings - just socks/blazes, nothing big and none white patterns
    gray - no (haven't seen yet)
    appaloosa - no
    outcrosses - none

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

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