Lexington Stud | Youngsters part II {04.07}

  • @Zinnia-Arvi yup! I have owned him since 2014 I believe! thanks <3

  • Castleton looks amazing in that picture <3

  • @Jill-Hendricks thanks lovely ❤️

  • 0_1561478965261_tumblr_of34xtUIsQ1szonwvo1_1280.jpg
    You may ask: what is this old picture doing here, huh? Weeeelll, I am a huge sentimental person, and when I saw this picture I felt the need to share it one more time! (Actually I have never posted it here on this Forum) Also, there is another reason behind it. This stunning seal brown mare is Carioca L, who we got from @Therese-Lind looong time ago! I believe it was our first experienced, sj horse at that time, and I was sooo happy to be able to own her! Can't deny that I am still so grateful! She competes now at Grand Prix level and has accumulated... 440pts! But, there is always a time matter, and Carioca is not the youngest horse in our team ( 20 y/o!) so we decided to retire her when she reaches 500pts in her disicipline. This is also why we offered her for public BIY as she really is a fantastic horse and it would be fantastic to see her offspring following her hoofsteps! After she's done with her sport career, she will spend her retirement with us , eating fresh, green grass and enjoying her free time! I really hope to make up all these months without a proper update, I miss taking pictures and seeing my pixel ponies around! Just one week left and I will take care of the stable and our horses so that you can see how many superstars we have now and how exciting their future looks! No to mention the good oldies that I will try to update before some of them retire!

  • We are so excited to introduce you our new youngsters! Huge thanks to @Christina-Lindblad for her breeding offer, as we have now 3( 4th one on it's way!) horses sired by her stallions!
    Without further ado, please meet our future stars!
    This stunning, buckskin stallion is sired by one and only Solitary Vagabond CN, and his dam is our lovely Allegra AT! He will compete in Show Jumping and Eventing!
    This eye-catching chestnut sabino mare is Lexington's Velvet! Her sire is stunning GOS Vinzenz who is owned by @Callixta-Rosella <3 and her dam is ILA Chickadee, owned by @Therese-Lind! She will compete in Dressage.
    The last but not least is Lexington's D'Angelo. This gorgeous black stallion is sired by LMEC Diaval and his dam is WRNGS Brazen Butterfly! He will compete in Eventing just like his parents ^^
    There are still 3 more to be shown! So if you are curious then I suggest to keep an eye on this album ;- )

  • Ahhhhh I'm in love! All of them look lovely! The buckskin stallion is beautiful, <3

  • @Marquis-Moulin thank you so much!

  • Hey Jade hope you are well!
    They are all gorgeous <3 I am in love with that Buckskin!

  • New youngsters yeah! :D Christina has really lovely horses and all three turned out beautiful!

  • All three is incredible stunning! But I must admit that the buckskin one did really steal my heart <3 I see a lot of daddy in him :heart_eyes: It will be so fun to follow these babies in future when they've started compete since I know that both Goldy and D'Angelo have very talented daddys so their future is bright for sure :heart_eyes:

  • That chestnut is to die for, I love those talls socks :heart_exclamation:

  • Competition Committee

    You know I love your pons Jade ;) and these three are just insanely gorgeous! Will definitely have to keep our eyes on them in the show ring, cause they are gonna steal everyone's hearts <3

    Can't wait to see the rest of your new brood!

  • @Alex-Richards I'm good, thank you Alex! Hope you're well, too! Thank you for your kind words <3
    @Claire-von-Hohenfeld Right? Thank you!
    @Christina-Lindblad I think he is my fav too, shh ^^ thank you for the opportunity <3
    @Catriona-O-connolly thanks, I'm glad you like her <3
    @Chloe-Dunbar aww thank you Sweetie! <3

  • As promised, here are two more youngsters! Still one to come ^^
    This stunning black mare is Lexington's Harbour, sired by @Christina-Lindblad's VPE Hellebores out of Osprey KN <3 She will compete in dressage!

    This fancy boy has already been introduced before. Lexington's Tarobello is sired by FMS Tenacious ( @Christina-Lindblad <3 ) out of JHS La Belle Cerise ( @Jill-Hendricks <3 ) and he will compete in eventing!


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