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  • Topic is a little weird sorry.

    I've not heard anything from a few simmers and am wondering if anyone else has that can ease my mind. They own my horses I sold in the past and though I haven't been keeping track of their progress in shows(since I know some people keep horses active only in randomized shows) I don't want to reclaim unless I actually have to due to their lack of forum activity.
    Just if anyone can tell me if they are dealing with real life or anything like that I'd honestly appreciate it. I've made contact to those who I could and have not heard a response back at all.

    Cheyenne Cavender
    Olivia Yendall
    Amanda Da Silva
    Esme Aaldenber(misspelled name idk the special character)

    There are some others but I'm digging through my spreadsheet to check first.

  • Isn't member-member reclaim impossible now?

  • Administrators

    It is, yes.

  • Damn it forgot. Well I'll have to be patient till they come around or find another way to contact them.
    Well, can anyone tell me the status of those members then? Especially with Olivia since she has a horse that's been around since I started.

  • @Serenity-Gwin

    she hasn't been online for 4 months, so pretty uncool

  • Well there's an email at least so I might as well try that bit.
    I made this post when I was dead tired too. I actually got yelled at last time asking for an update from a member since the horse wasn't scrapbook active and I was on the edge of reclaiming the horse(was before this blog forum)

  • PR Committee

    I have Cheyenne's QMR email address that she checks sometimes, it might be on her profile but if not I can PM it to you :)

  • @Callixta-Rosella it's not on her profile message me it please :)
    I heard rumors that Amanda quit so getting an update on that horse is pointless x.x

  • You can always look up the horses in the show histories and see if they have been in competitions recently.

    A lot of people don't seem to use scrapbooks here anymore. That part of the forum is very quiet compared to our previous forum. This forum has moved much more towards an R Show focus. If people were into the picture and story side of things they might have been more likely to move to the RP forum instead.

  • Yeah its quieted down here a lot i have noticed. I know Amanda has been gone for a while , i think Cheyenne was on another forum but that forum died, i could be thinking of someone else.

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