I need your Help guys..

  • Friends I would need help ... someone would have a tutorial to create a large arena covered with the new beams that josie has kindly create ...
    alt text

    I have a problem with the roof. (Which is not at the correct height compared to the beams) A history of leveling terrain .. but I do not know how

    Thank you in advance for your help ans answer


  • This is a quote by Josephine Westerling that she posted on Equus-Sims in the thread where they posted this set as a gift:

      1. Put the walls up for the first floor (40 squares wide and a multiple of 4 in length. I recommend 56 or even 60 squares to get a lot of room).
      1. Go up a level and put walls over your first level walls.
      1. On the side off the arena, click one time on the ground using the "terrain elevation" tool with the medium or large square thingy.
      1. Put some foundations on top of your small flat mound. The foundations on top of the mound will be exactly 1m
      1. Go up a level and build a wall on top of the foundation.
      1. Bring up the cheat bar and type
        Constrainfloorelevation false
      1. Open the terrain tools again and using the "terrain leveling" tool, drag from the wall on the foundation to the walls on the arena (depending on where you made the mound you might have to do this step twice).
      1. Once you have all your arena 2nd floor walls made smaller, bring up the cheat bar again and type
        Constrainfloorelevation true
        That way you don't risk to accidentally destroy your handy work.
      1. Remove your mound/foundation/wall
      1. Decorate as desired, and enjoy!

    ... and this one she posted later on...

    • So no you won't be able to see the windows from the outside but that's nothing I can do for that since Sims don't actually allow skylights. The only way you can have skylights in your roof showing from the outside is by building them at the peak of the roof. Mine aren't there, or the right size anyways, so even if you did leave holes in the roof it wouldn't look right. Now obviously, every time you are going to have holes in your roof, you're going to have snow in your building. Also, like I said in the description of the item, my beams and ceilings don't match up with roofs, that means that the EA roof won't go low enough (on the long beams) to have a perfect lined up fit, so even if you did put in a glass roof or something, it would probably look really weird and more than likely not very pretty. Sadly again nothing much I can do while retaining the design of the items... EA has limitations.
      Now, as you surely know, sims houses have levels, that you can go up and down on, the top level being the roof. IF you needed to take outdoor pictures with the windows showing, all you need to do is come down 1 level (but again probably won't look right since ceilings and roof don't match up.) And it is the same thing for indoor shots, simply go down 1 level from the top so you still have the roof walls but not the roof itself and from inside it will look perfect, you will see the ceilings and the skylights perfectly.

  • ok thank you... but If I put the roof I can not put the light well

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