Reclaim a horse... WTF!? (Can be deleted)

  • I really am very, very upset about this issue and I want someone to explain to me, with all the details you can or want, how the hell do I claim a sold horse?

    I understand that verifying the reason, that the owner member of the horse is active or not, is complicated. I understand that it takes a long time (I do not mind waiting for what it takes, if I have the final choice of having my horse back).

    Now, it turns out that this is not possible.

    I sold a horse months ago, and the member who bought it from me assured me that he would give it an active home. I used my credit to create the profile of the horse. I used my time in registering the horse. I was careful to give all the facilities I could so that the new owner could start competing as soon as he had the profile.

    And where has all my effort gone? TO THE TRASH. Directly.

    Do I have to create a new profile for the horse I sold? Do not I have the option to recover that horse?

    If this is so, if I really can not get my horse back, it just means two things to me. The first one, I got a huge disappointment because I always thought ES was a great community (and now it turns out that, when you have a problem, you're left alone). The second, that I will not sell a horse here again.

  • Right now, the only way to reclaim a horse is if the horse in question is owned by the "Reclaimable Horses" account. If the horse's profile is still on the members profile, you are not able to reclaim them at this time.

    Do a search on the main page for "Reclaimable Horses" and see if the horse is on that account. If it is, you can use this form to submit for a reclaim.

    If the horse is still owned by the meber (inactive or not) you will need to either recreate the horse, or wait until 3.0 is up and running where you can recreate and own the horse again.

  • @Breanna-Fahnestock The horse is owned by a member who has been inactive for seven months. I do not think it's fair to have to wait. It does not take long to verify that the owner is inactive, that the horse was raised by me (I own the father and the mother, although she is unregistered and I can do it and I still have horses with my previous prefix).

    I do not think I'll ever sell my horses again. This is the second time I have to claim a horse raised by me (and I've only sold 3 horses with my prefix here). This really discourages me, really.

  • @Irene-Crownguard ; I agree. I'm in the same boat as you are. Don't let it discourage you though.

  • @Irene-Crownguard

    I think sold horses going inactive is something that has happened to everyone selling one or a few horses on this site. I myself has seen the vast majority of the horses I've sold going inactive (there are exceptions though!). So on that point, if you are this disheartened by the horse going inactive - yes, you better stop selling horses sadly.

    You can read about the reclaim changes here

  • @Merida-Dahmer I guess it's lucky. The problem is that I have sold 3 horses in the time I have been in this community, and with those three horses I had problems (I bought back one, another I had to reclaim it for inactivity and now with him, the same). So it's a bit sad to see that the illusion with which I sold those horses, my effort to take photos for sale, create their mantles, create their profiles ... stays in the air.

    I understand that life changes and people come and go (its current owner is not to blame, of that I am convinced).

    I guess I'll wait. He is a horse that I like very much and I felt sadness to sell him (but, I thought that he would be active and that comforted me). I hope the new version arrives soon.

  • I'm not sure if my explanation will quite make your situation any better, but perhaps it may help some of you understand why we made the changes to reclaims that we did? This is similar to an explanation I made on Slack around the day we announced the changes. Unfortunately I don't have anything to say towards members going inactive.

    I apologize ahead of time for the wall of text!

    Horse reclaims have always been a controversial topic among staff. Logistically, we have no sure-fire way to track who created (spent the horse credit) or sold a horse other than reviewing bank transactions, seeing prefixes listed on names, or similar items. In an ideal world, I would like there be a list of details of the horse's history such as "This ID # created the horse. (date) Horse was transferred/sold to ID #. (date)", etc. I'm not sure if you have ever played Horse Isle 2, but if you did, the horse's history tab on the profile would be nice to have.

    When horse reclaims were first introduced, anyone could submit a horse to be reclaimed as long as the other player was inactive. There was little to no checking to see if the people reclaiming the horses really had a right to do so, and it caused quite a few problems. Eventually, the system was changed to require for members requesting to reclaim a horse be the original breeder, or show proof of prior ownership.

    When it came to actually processing reclaims is when we started experiencing issues and requests were taking longer and longer to complete. In order for staff to process a reclaim (or any other main site change request), we have to physically alter the main site database, which looks quite like an excel or google docs spreadsheet. In this database is primarily ID #s, or very little other information. We do not have an option to transfer a horse similar to how you have when you edit a horse's profile page. To top if off, the program that is primarily used to operate the main site database is only accessible on a mac computer. As you can imagine, this job is extremely sensitive, because if someone were to make one mistake in the database, a million things could go wrong and we would be without a main site for who knows how long. Due to this (and the fact that it has to be on a mac computer), there are only two staff members processing requests. Elsie, and myself.

    For each request, Elsie or I needed to verify a number of things in the main site database; the horse's ID number, the member reclaiming the horse's ID number, the horse's current owner's ID number, how long the horse owner has been inactive (if they have been at all), and that the member reclaiming the horse had accurate proof of prior ownership. Once that was completed, and if everything checked out, we altered the database, then again had to check the horse's information to make sure it went to the right location. On average, each reclaim request could take anywhere between 4-5 minutes to review information, make the change, then go back and check to make sure that the change was correct. This time does not include whether or not Elsie or I would need to have further communications with the member requesting the reclaim on whether or not their proof of prior ownership was sufficient. For perspective, on any given day, there were roughly 50-80, sometimes over 100 reclaim requests waiting to be completed, in addition to other main site requests such as profile and breed changes, removal of leases and boarders, etc. Since it took so much time to process, we rarely ever saw the sheet cleared; which meant members went 1-2, 3, sometimes 4 weeks to a month and a half before their horse was returned, and then we would receive complaints from members that things weren't being processed quick enough.

    By changing the reclaim process, there are far less requests coming in (maybe 4-7 on a given day, max), and there are less items to check. This lets us focus a bit more on our other staff duties, not feel pressured to sit for hours processing reclaim requests and be able to participate in the community. (I am not trying to complain, but I personally have not had a scrapbook or been an active member outside of entering random shows since joining staff in 2013 as staff duties eat up so much of my free time). Unfortunately that means many members will be in the same situation as you, in that they are unable to reclaim horses sold to members that are inactive, and I feel for you, but we were unable to keep up with the workload. I wish I had a better answer for you, and I hope you will continue to sell horses.

  • Administrators

    If it could be done safely & easily then we never would have stopped.

    We're sorry to have needed to remove this ability for members, and we truly regret that it has had an impact on members deciding whether to sell.

    Thanks for understanding that this wasn't a decision made lightly, and that we did our best for as long as we could xx

  • @Julianna-Croft Your answer was enough for me. You can be sure of this. I fully understand that the two are saturated with a job they do without receiving anything in return (I really do not know how to translate this ... but what you do is altruistic).

    I'm not selfish. If you need more time for your own game, I'd rather wait for what it takes (late version 3), and maybe have the "luck" to recover this horse then.

    Actually my anger was a bit stupid (if I had seen the post talking about the change, I would not have sent the ticket), so it was more my fault than yours.

    I will have an eye on the current owner and I will be up to date, by the time the new version comes out, see if my horse is still there or has gone to the reclaimable account.

    @Elsie-Spectre I understand. I regret that what seems like something simple really is so complicated. Even so, you did a great job during this time and there is no way to thank.

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