missing breed: Xilingol

  • https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xilinguole
    Name - The registered name for this Chinese breed in the FAO database is "Xilinguole" . However, the CAB International dictionary and the University of Oklahoma use the name "Xilingol".
    Group - ??? (def. not warmblood, to big for pony, i don't think of it as progenitor thing yet, maybe saddle horse).
    The breed measures 147-150 something, sometimes up to 160. It's described as light and fine-built riding horse, which is very fast and has a lot of endurance.

    alt text < confo wise
    alt text
    alt text

    was hard to find anything
    Base - bay, chestnut, black
    modifiers - dun, cream
    white - tobiano (rare)
    appaloosa - no
    gray - yes
    outcrosses - monoglian, TB, akhal teke, russian don, karbadin, used to have sanhe allowed into blood lines but no longer possible

    ![alt text](image url < fun fact, used in races
    alt text

  • How many of these Chinese breeds can't be considered strains of the same type of breed, ie regional differences constituting slight variations on the same breed? I looked into this one and several of the others you posted (Yili, as an example) before and decided against requesting they be added because they seemed like strains of generally the same breed and not distinct enough to warrant a completely new addition. To my understanding, the term Mongolian Horse was a broader term in reality than how it is currently treated on here and could be applied to other Chinese sub-breeds. Would it be better to alter that breed to allow strains and/or create a breed under a different name (if Mongolian isn't quite accurate) to include these variations? This was done for the similar breeds from Indonesian as well as the ones of Japan.

  • @Aylet-Schrödinger
    Really I haven't looked into Yili yet, but the chinese breeds I've done so far are not strains of mongolian. It is possible that the others are, and I will gladly do google thing about them. Guizhou and Baise are from different part of china (south), while balikun is destendand from mongolian horse, but due to very selective breeding it's recognized as another breed. Thanks for suggestion, I will do the thing.

  • I don't think we have enough information to add this breed... It would be really helpful if there was some sort of registry.

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