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    This blog is a work in progress.

    Welcome to Kenwood Equestrian - the place for High Performance Dressage

    Kenwood Equestrian is placed in the North-east of Denmark, surrounded with beautiful nature.
    The equestrian center is mainly focused on the art of dressage, and breeding of top quality dressage-horses. We are primarily focusing on Danish Warmbloods and Oldenburgs, but we also have a few other breeds around in the stables.

    Kenwood is owned and operated by Maria and Lukas Palm. Maria is mainly doing the ground-work of keeping Kenwood going (economies, buying and selling horses, do breed-plans etc.), where Lukas enjoys being around the horses and keeping the facilities in top-shape.

    Our goal is to be in the top of breeding quality horses used for the sports and the breeding.
    We have a large section of quality horses for breeding and for sale, which will be introduced when they are ready to see the world.

    On behalf of the staff and Kenwood Equestrian - we hope you enjoy your stay!

    Maria Palm

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