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    26/02/2017 Dark Moon ZA in the snow!
    08/07/2017 Training with Warrior!
    08/10/2017 Summer reminiscing
    25/10/2017 Cross Country Training

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    Show Jumping
    Name Breed Gender Colour Sire/Dam Title
    NCF Unbelievable Darco Belgian Warmblood Stallion Black x International Champion
    NCF Caretino Glory Belgian Warmblood Stallion Bay x International Champion
    NCF Chantilly Belgian Warmblood Mare Bay x National Champion
    Dark Moon ZA Oldenburg Stallion Dark Bay x International Champion
    Rohirrims Warrior KWPN Stallion Chestnut x National Champion
    Cicero Z Zangersheide Stallion Grey x National Champion
    NCF Black Widow Z Zangersheide Mare Black x State Champion
    NCF Solid Gold Z Zangersheide Stallion Black x Regional Champion
    NCF Casino Royale Belgian Warmblood Stallion Chestnut NCF Caretino Glory x _ State Champion
    NCF Unbelievable Honour Belgian Warmblood Stallion Bay NCF Unbelievable Darco x _ Regional Champion
    Dominator Z Zangersheide Stallion Black x Regional Champion
    Ghost Z Zangersheide Stallion Grey x Local Champion
    NCF Ariel Z Zangersheide Mare Liver Chestnut NCF Casino Royale x NCF Black Widow Z Regional Champion
    LMEC Classic Touch Danish Warmblood Mare Black LMEC Cinzano x LMEC Tempest State Champion
    LMEC Cascari Danish Warmblood Mare Bay LMEC Cinzano x LMEC Nikita State Champion
    Eiria W Hanoverian Mare Chestnut x State Champion
    Diana du Hali Hanoverian Mare Bay Devious REC x SAEC Kahari Regional Champion
    LMEC Juliet Danish Warmblood Mare Grey x Regional Champion
    Name Breed Gender Colour Sire/Dam Title
    Broudein’s Ignious KWPN Mare Chestnut x National Champion
    CN Eklipsis Hanoverian Mare Grey x State Champion
    NCF Ariel Z Zangersheide Mare Liver Chestnut NCF Casino Royale x NCF Black Widow Z Regional Champion
    NCF Ultimate Toymaster British Warmblood Stallion Bay x State Champion
    LMEC Night of Fire Danish Warmblood Stallion Chestnut LMEC Night of Passion x Broudein’s Ignious Regional Champion
    LMEC Twilight Danish Warmblood Mare Black x Regional Champion
    LMEC 2 Hot 2 Handle Swedish Warmblood Mare Bay x National Champion
    Stay Gold CN Swedish Warmblood Mare Bay x State Champion
    Emmerson SHW Swedish Warmblood Stallion Palomino Equinox CN x Fortunes Fool SHW Regional Champion
    Cambria W Hanoverian Mare Grey Casper W x Cersei W State Champion
    Ghost Z Zangersheide Stallion Grey x Regional Champion
    Diana du Hali Hanoverian Mare Bay Devious REC x SAEC Kahari Regional Champion
    Kingman’s Bolero Oldenburg Stallion Bay x Local Champion
    Melusine d’Auroy Selle Francis Mare Bay Horus du Tussock x Elphie du Tussock Local Champion
    Name Breed Gender Colour Sire/Dam Title
    CPE Cosmara Hanoverian Mare Liver Chestnut x State Champion
    Melusine d’Auroy Selle Francis Mare Bay Horus du Tussock x Elphie du Tussock Regional Champion
    Kingman’s Bolero Oldenburg Stallion Bay x Local Champion
    LMEC Twilight Danish Warmblood Mare Black x State Champion
    WRC Athena Hanoverian Mare Bay WRC Revolution x WRC Hey Miss Regional Champion
    Montenegro HA KWPN Stallion Bay Valegro HA x Whisper de Jeu HE Regional Champion
    Keep Secret HA KWPN Mare Dark Bay Valegro HA x RDEC Kyraa Local Champion

  • Winter is quickly coming to an end and spring is starting to appear. Spring flowers are appearing around the yard and the sound of songbirds is brightening everyday. But, before Spring comes, we had one big heap of snow! One of our horses, my own Dark Moon ZA loves the snow so whilst the snow was fresh I took him up to one of our pastures and we had a great time!

    alt text

    As always, thanks for looking!

  • What a lovely picture! :D It's never boring with a lovely hack in the snow and it gives also a lot of good cardio workout ^^ But irl, I really want spring now since it's march in few days and we have over 20 centimeters snow outside now and I'm really sick of it and want warmer weather now :P

  • @Christina-Lindblad Thank you! :D It is always fun with fresh snow, but not when it is messy! Spring is definitely on the way! :P

  • Whaaat only one comment so far? How sad, this pretty update deserves a lot more in my opinion. <3 They seem to truly enjoy the ride. Hope you'll post more pics soon * bookmarks the blog *

  • @Bree-Asgard Thank you so much Bree! Your comment really means a lot to me <3 I hope some more people comment soon! More is coming up soon don't worry :D

  • Moderation Committee

    Dark Moon is absolutely gorgeous!
    While I do want spring now I can't help but to kind of miss the snow when seeing that picture, it's the best feeling ever galloping over snowy fields in winter :heart_eyes:

  • @Elin-Fredriksdotter Thank you Elin! He is a handsome chappy with that dark coat! Tell me about it! It is so picturesque! Thanks for your kind words <3

  • Such a beautiful picture, it looks like you both had fun in the snow :)

  • @Callixta-Rosella Thanks for your lovely comment Cali! <3 We had a great time!

  • Woops! So it has been a longggg time since my last update. Real life kind of got in the way and it has been really hard to create/breed/compete/take pictures and show off my horses. However, I have now broken up for summer so hopefully I can get back into showing off my horses - I put a lot of effort into them so it would be nice to share them with the whole community rather than just my friends on slack!

    We are now in the middle of summer - although in the UK we aren't blessed with many hot days. We have had somewhat of a heat wave recently! Luckily we have the staff and facilities to ride and train the horses before the middle of the day when it gets really hot.

    Warrior is one of our oldest horses, we have had him with us for quite a while now but he is a true favourite with everyone on the yard. Despite his name being 'Warrior', he is often known as 'Gent' as he is a true gentleman! He is not your stereotypical stallion, he loves a cuddle and a scratch and will let you groom him for hours on end. In the show ring however, he does turn into a Warrior and he knows his job and will always give 110%! His rider Rose has recently taken over and they have had some fantastic success! He has passed this competitive streak down to his first offspring! We can't wait to see what his future offspring will be like!

    Here are two training pictures of him and Rose! He really does take our breath away!

    alt text

    alt text

    He has had quite a big update recently so I would love to hear your thoughts on how he looks!

  • No love for Warrior? :(

  • Warrior is so handsome! I love how he has a big soft eye, and I am definitely a sucker for chestnut horses with lots of white chrome! He looks gorgeous with his new update :-)

  • Moderation Committee

    I was supposed to comment but I forgot appprently! I already told you he's gorgeous but I'll say it again- He's GORGEOUS! :heart_eyes:
    He sounds like such a sweet horse, gotta love them cuddlebugs :hugging:

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    Chestnuts.. I love chestnuts so much and yours is such a handsome one! I'm sad you barely got comments yet - the whole blog section seems to be a bit dead right now. :S
    Please post more pictures soon!

    (and expect comments from me..I'm just slow at writing them)

  • You have an adorable chestnut fella there :heart_eyes: I have an soft spot for chestnuts with a lot of white and that's why I own so many by myself ;) I'm looking forward to see more of this talented gentleman in future :D <3

  • I love your pictures and your horses are wonderful. :D

  • @Michelle-Frohman Thank you so much! He is big softie! I am really happy with the outcome of his coat!

    @Elin-Fredriksdotter hehe your comments always mean a lot whether here or on slack ;) thanks for the lovely words! You should definitely cuddle him :D

    @Bree-Asgard Thank you Bree! I cannot tell you how much I love your work and what an honour it is to have you compliment my horses <3 I will definitely post more very soon ;)

    @Christina-Lindblad Thank you my lovely friend <3 you cannot beat a good chestnut horse!

    @Katharina-Opalhaven Thank you so much! <3

  • Well the summer has officially come to an end, the mist is starting to appear down our country lanes whilst hacking out with the horses, the fog is making an appearance on crisp autumn mornings taking the horses to the field and the rugs have been dusted off ready for the coming months. However, we are reminiscing of summer today (and possibly the next few posts!).

    We had a very exciting summer here at Northcote Farm. We were super busy with breedings and competing but we managed to get a few pictures.

    The first I share is of the beautiful NCF Ariel Z. I believe this is her debut as I don't think I have shown her off before! This wonderful mare has actually just turned 8 years old. She is by our stallion Rohirrim's Warrior out of our mare NCF Black Widow Z. Ariel competes in both eventing and show jumping. Taking from both her dam and sire, she is a quiet mare but is a pocket rocket! Here she is doing some dressage training this summer! It is a very quick edit as time is very limited here (hence why this picture was taken in may and being shown in october!!).

    alt text

    As always, I am grateful for any thoughts or comments! <3

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