Showjumping Heights and dressage tests

  • Hey evweyone. Sorry if this is really obvious, but i was wondering if there is a handbook for each discipline on this forum. I know there was on the old forum, but just wondering if theres an up to date one on the new forum. Just wondering as I'd like to know the heights for each showjumping/ cross country class and also the dressage movements.

  • I think one can be found on each leaderboard, in one of the tabs underneath. I might be wrong as I am on my phone and can't check xD

  • Here is the link to the one on the old forum. There is not an updated guide for 2.5 since Traditional shows are not hosted now, so the old one can still be used for RP purposes.

  • Thankyou so much to both of you! @Lidija-Rotherford @Celia-Acosta

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