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    I decided to open my shop services as I really like creating sims horses and markings. I'll take requests of horse import, coat and markings for you.

    Before any request you must read those few rules. If you have any questions just ask me ;)

    • You must send me the payment before I start anything but it will be accepted only when I'll have finished your request.
    • I need references to work (prefer good quality photos where markings or confo are easily visible)
    • I gave myself 2 weeks after the payment to complete your request (if I need more time I'll send you a PM don't worry)
    • My creation aren't for mass downloading
    • You can request only one thing per post and I must have finished it before you ask for something else.
    • You can't modify anything(*) and/or make it yours (except shine markings for imports and coats)
    • Imported horses come with my prefix : RW* but if you don't want one ask me (but it can't be your own stable prefix)

    (*) Template : Of course you can modify the horse color (I usually create them all white) and adapt the morphology for each horse.

    (*) Coat : You can use them on more than one horse and add markings such as blaze, socks ...


    Imports - 10 000$ to 20 000$ (depending on the complexity - you can request an imoprt with custom marking for 15 000$ to 20 000$)
    Coat - 5 000$ to 10 000$ (depending on the complexity + custom marking for 10 000$ to 25 000$)
    Template - 5 000$ to 10 000$ (depending on the complexity)
    Face Marking - 3 000$
    Fullbody - 5 000$ to 15 000$ (depending on the complexity - no grey or shine marking)

    For any request, answer this Form.
    I'll tell you the price on this topic and also show you the preview pictures here.

  • This might sound like a very, very stupid question, but are you doing other animals than horses? I mean dogs specifically, template-wise.

  • Ahah no, that's a good question ;)
    Well, actually I have no custom content and skills (and patience) to make decent dogs for our stables and I'm absolutly not into the "dog - side" of the sims. So, no dogs, same thing for cats ^^

  • Ah, I understand :). Okay then, good luck with the service! I will probably use it someday later XD

  • Whoops, sorry, I forgot to check the board lately. Real life was quite busy lately but I'm back !

    Here are the prices of your request :
    @Sophie-Lawrence - 10 000$ (fullbody marking)
    @Kaylin-Davidson - 3 000$ (face marking)
    @Erin-Cooke - 12 000$ (fullbody marking)
    @Dalton-Howell - 7 000$ (roan coat)

  • Payment sent

  • Payment sent :)

  • Sent it :D

  • PR Committee

    I'd love to request a template from you but it seems to be missing from your google form :frowning2:

  • sent in a request :))

  • @Luke-Teth : True ! I corrected that ;)
    @Neeve-Kalford : I'll do that for 10 000$

  • awesome thanks so much, I'll send payment now <3

  • Payment sent! :)

  • i have a question. Could i request a coat and then add a custom fullbody marking which i already have to it afterwards? just thought i'd ask before i sent in a request :slight_smile:

  • Submitted a new request, I believe the payment will be 7k? Correct me if I'm wrong I'll send as soon as I know ^_^

  • Whoops sorry guys, I completely forgot to answer you.
    Actually I haven't access (until the end of the week) to my computer where I have the sims installed. I can still draw the requested markings but I won't be able to package and show them before next week.

    Yes of course you can request a coat and add you own markings (public, made by you or someone else) ;)

    I checked the last requests here are the prices (tell me if I forgot someone)

    • @Luke-Teth - Template : 6 000$
    • @Alastair-Schrödinger - Marking (fullbody) : 9 000$
    • @Sophie-Lawrence - Marking (fullbody) : 10 000$
    • @Thomas-Thorley - Marking (fullbody) : 11 000$
    • @Dalton-Howell - Coat : 6 000$
    • @Clara-Doyle - Impory : 18 000$

  • Sent :) excited for the results

  • Payment sent! :D

  • Fine by me! Payment sent :)

  • Ok thanks for letting me know, have sent in a request :D

  • didn´t even remember that I made a request due to stressy RL... XD Payment is send ^^

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