[ENDED] VPE's August Auction

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    Welcome to Vantage Point Equestrian's August foal crop! Five lovely horses bred from impressive lines are being offered this month, receiving bonuses in Dressage, Show Jumping and Eventing! All horses being offered have main site profiles and are pending registration. Horses that receive bids on the last day of the auction (August 9th) will carry on into a 24hr ALB. Auction ends on Aug. 9th, 11:59PT. Starting bid for all horses is 5k. Minimum bid is 1k, no autobuy at this time!


    ♥ All horses come with custom markings, with their name on the preview. Do not distribute the markings.
    ♥ You're free to tweak shines and shaders, but no drastic changes to the coat!
    ♥ You may slightly tweak confo, but no drastic changes to that either.
    ♥ Don't put the sim up for public download!
    ♥ You may change discipline if desired.
    ♥ Please put your favorite movie in your first bid, so I know you read the rules!
    ♥ You cannot change the prefix.
    ♥ There are no activity rules, but seeing the horse once in a while would be a plus!

    *All photos taken with Reshade filters on, and are minimally edited in photoshop.

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    Main Site | Dutch Warmblood | Mare | Grey (Black) | Ee aa Gg | 3rd Gen
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    Vinca is the most dedicated of the bunch! Always looking to work, she gives 100% to any exercise given to her. She does have her hot moments though, so an intermediate rider would best be suited with her! Out of RDEC Sirrah and by RDEC Leviatan, this stunning mare receives 24 eventing bonuses, and 5 show jumping. A sure winner on any course you compete in!

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    Main Site | Hanoverian | Stallion | Chestnut | ee Aa | 4th Gen
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    Bird is the sweetest of the group, inheriting his sire's strong work ethic and his dam's personality. He'll follow you around the ring, and come to the paddock gate when you call. Always nuzzling you for treats (or pets), he'll make you smile on the saddest of days! He'd be perfect for a timid rider. Receiving 12 dressage bonuses and 5 eventing, he'll stand out in the ring with his flashy gaits!

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    Main Site | Dutch Warmblood | Mare | Chestnut Tobiano | ee aa nT | 3rd Gen
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    Lea here is the firey-est! No doubt getting it from her dam, she's always bounding out of her stall with no regard to her handler, rushing every jump she heads to, she'll need a very firm and experienced hand! With unique markings and an impressive scope, she'll surely stand out in any ring. She receives 17 eventing bonus points.

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    Main Site | Dutch Warmblood | Stallion | Bay | Ee Aa | 7th Gen
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    Licorice loves to show off! He loves to pose for pictures, and always seems to know where a camera is. Good reason too! He's got an impressive pedigree spanning back 6 generations, and he receives 17 dressage bonus points! An incredible mover in the ring, he'll be guaranteed to stand out impressively.

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    Main Site | Dutch Warmblood | Mare | Black | Ee aa | 5th Gen
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    Verbena is a little timid, but once you hang around her for a bit she'll warm right up to you! She can get a little spooky around roadways and construction equipment, but once you get her moving and focused on work she's as easy as pie! She'll receive 13 show jumping bonus points.

    Horse: Highest Bid: End Date
    VPE Vinca Fiora Healy - $32,000 SOLD
    VPE Bird Of Paradise Kassidi Coy Lutz - $35,000 SOLD
    VPE Azalea Heather Grissett - $520,000 SOLD
    VPE Lycorus Heather Grissett - $310,000 SOLD
    VPE Verbena Claire Anderson - $11,000 SOLD

  • SB - VPE Azalea & VPE Lycorus

    Prince Of Egypt

  • Administrators

    Oh. My. God. They are all stunning. :heart:

    SB - VPE Verbena


  • SB - VPE Bird of Paradise & VPE Vinca

  • Moderation Committee

    VPE Lycorus - 6k

    Jurassic Park ❤️❤️

  • VPE Verbena - $6.000

    The Mummy!

  • All have been accepted! All horses but Azalea have been registered.

  • VPE Azalea - $40,000

  • Breed Committee

    VPE Verbena - $7k
    The Lorax ~

  • VPE Lycorus
    Hachiko: A Dog’s Story

  • Accepted!
    @Ellen-Carter You need to put an amount in the bid :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Ahh sorry I forgot.. xD

    VPE Lycorus - 7k
    Hachiko: A Dog’s Story

  • VPE Vinca - $6k

    2017's beauty and the beast

  • Moderation Committee

    VPE Lycorus - 8k

  • VPE Vinca $6,000 - my favourite film is Disney Bolt

  • VPE Vinca $7,000

  • @Effie-Phoenix someone already bid that amount onVinca :)

  • VPE Verbena - $8.000

  • VPE Vinca - $8k

  • Both accepted! End date has been changed to 8/9.

  • Vinca - 9k

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