[OPEN] Cross Caliber 2017 BIY Season

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    Welcome to Cross Caliber 2017 BIY Season where we have up for offer our current top four stallions. They will continue with their show career, and our goal is to either introduce more people to Carriage Driving sports or Dutch Harness Horses. This breed will do awesome in Combined Driving, Carriage Driving, and Fine Harness.

    Before we introduce the horses here are some rules:

    • Have fun with the horse
    • You are free to choose what you would like to do with your horse, he/she is yours
    • You don't have to use my prefix
    • No restriction on the mare be used
    • Will give the option of sending the stallion file after payment if you would like

    Standing at Stud

    ID Name Colour Genotype Title
    26773 Ridskolan's Lexington Grey (Black) EE Aa Gg Carriage Driving Regional Champion
    26774 Huckleberry Finn Bay Ee Aa Carriage Driving Local Champion
    28553 SBS/xCal's Blitzen Rango Black Ee aa Carriage Driving Local Champion
    27413 Cherry Magnolia Bay Ee Aa Carriage Driving Local Champion

    To promote the breed I am offering a discount in stud fee if used to create more Dutch Warmbloods.
    Out crosses include:

    • list itemAny Dutch Warmblood strain, Swiss WB, Belgian WB, Danish WB, ISH, NRPS (horse size), Selle Francais, Zangersheide, Swedish WB, Trakehner, Hanoverian, Holsteiner, Oldenburg, Westphalian, Thoroughbred, American Saddlebred and lastly Hackney.

    The stud fee will be $750
    If wanted to cross with another breed the Stud fee will be $1000.

    All you need is to either post here or DM me. After you send the payment I will send you the stallion file so you can use for a breeding, unless you specify that you don't want.


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