{Ends When Sold} Appaloosas

  • Welcome to Oak Hill Farm's first ever sale!


    • Do not put this horse up for mass download.
    • Active show homes only please
    • If you go inactive for three RL months without warning then I reserve the right to reclaim the horse
    • Please do not use the horse's coat or conformation as any sort of template
    • Stallions may be gelded
    • Disciplines may be changed also
    • Small coat changes may be made (shine, detail markings, ect) but please ask me before making any major changes
    • Please notify me before selling the horse as I may want them back

    Oak's Quick Buck/ Appaloosa/ Mare/ Palomino Blanket/ Reining: 0 Points | WCH: 0 Points
    alt text
    Price: $3,000

    Oak's Shining Buck/ Appaloosa/ Stallion/ Black Blanket/ Reining: 0 Points | Cutting: 13 Points
    alt text
    Price: $4,500

  • i want both but i'm on a hiatus :/

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