Appaloosa Outcrosses

  • Well, perhaps this is redundant, but I would like to voice my opinion on the current Appaloosa outcross prohibitions.

    It is certainly no secret that the ApHC allows outcrosses of registered Appaloosa horses to AQHA, JC, AHA, & WAHO registered horses. The foal IS registerable with the ApHC so long as it has pattern. I find it incredibly unrealistic that these are the EXACT breeds listed as prohibited in the registry when IRL it is perfectly acceptable.

    ApHC's Tips For Registration

    • "Bloodline Requirements
      Pedigreed Appaloosas must have at least one ApHC-registered parent (sire or dam) classified as Regular (#).
      The other parent may be registered with the ApHC, or an ApHC-Approved Breed Association: American
      Quarter Horse Association (AQHA), Jockey Club (Thoroughbred), or Arabian Horse Association (AHA or
      ApHC-Approved Breeds must be listed with the ApHC; some restrictions apply.

    I would appreciate an in depth explanation as to why it was decided that Equus would not follow these same guidelines when realism is supposedly the ultimate goal of this forum..

  • TB, AQH, and Arabian are listed as accepted outcrosses.

    MBL says: "TB, AQH, Arabian. APH, Pinto, Draft or Pony breeding explicitly prohibited."

    It's saying the first three are permitted, but that APH, Pinto, Draft, and Pony aren't. At least how I read it. If others have had horses with these outcrosses declined then a clarification within/from the staff may be needed as well.

  • Yeah that's the correct interpretation... I've since edited it so there's a full stop instead of a comma :)

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