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  • Hey guys so turns out i live under a rock and i have absolutely no idea about equua 3.0. Is there somewhere i can read up on all the changes that will be made? I've heard that we need to register all our horses again. Does this mean all our horses acquired points and titles are wiped clean? Kinda worried about that possibility. Would just like somewhere to read up on everything :) thanks in advance

  • I do not have a clue and actually i would love to know this, too ^D^

  • Here is some information Elsie commented on a previous post about 3.0 :
    @Elsie-Spectre said in Equus 3.0:

    Blogs will be hosted on the main 3.0 site. The competition and registration systems will be changed & integrated with the 3.0 main site. Ideally horses progress will be kept, but this will depend on what can be adapted to the 3.0 stats system, and what can transfer systems can be achieved without delaying 3.0's release unreasonably.

    I don't really know if we will have to register our horses again but please (just talking in general) don't go over there spreading information that you are not sure about. What you will need to re-create are stables and also you will be able to pick a different prefix/suffix for it. An explanation by Elsie about other members picking your prefix/suffix:
    @Elsie-Spectre said in Equus 3.0:

    We have encountered members who are concerned that someone will get in first and take their prefix - to counter this we offer the following measures:
    Initially (for a length of time yet to be decided) members owning a prefix on our current main site will have the right to seize that prefix on 3.0 from anyone who might have taken it.

    On the old forum there was a section about 3.0 with some information about it, here is the link to it. But please remember that this information could be outdated and not matching information that the Development Committee could actually provide you, so always have staff information first than this post.

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