ISO Champagne Gene

  • Hello! I am seeking a registered AQH stud/broodmare that carries the champagne gene to produce me a foal. BIY or traditional is fine with me. DM me either here or on Slack. Thanks!

  • I do not know if you found anything ... but I have a classic champagne AQH stallion.

    He is registered in Hunter Paces (he competed in Western Pleasure as well, but he has not gotten title). His parents are registered on the main site (his sire is classic champagne and his dam is blue roan).

    If you are willing to BIY, I offer you my horse as a stud.

  • I can offer the horse's sire from above, CK Gun Matrix. He has 30ish points in western pleasure. I'm currently on my phone so I can't link, but if you DM me on slack I'll give you more details :)

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