Icelandic horse strains

  • sorry breed comitee, really sorry

    So there are few icelandic horse strains but those two are the most important

    Svaðastaðir and Hornafjörður

    According to this site, the Hornafjörður are

    • Usual size of an fully grown individual is 142-148 cm (measured with string), which is significantly over the national average.
    • The most common colors are black, bay and chestnut.
    • Confident and often with a high spirit.
    • Usually they are fivegaited and the offsprings of Skuggi 201, Nökkvi 260 and Svipur 385 have clear gaites, but it was known that Blakkur 129 offsprings, that had both pace and trot, could cross between the gaits.

    it was harder to google the second strain but this has some information <<< few horses (second strain)

    • They are rather small, build more stocky, sometimes even heavy
    • often five gaited
    • spirited, but good temper
    • often more colourful

  • Strain has to impact performance or make a big difference to the allowed colours/types. I personally don't think this addition would be justified but I'm willing to hear from others who might disagree.

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