• Rules & Informations

    • All my horses are belgian W
    • Keep my prefix " PF "
    • Do not change coat, template (hair color is of course allowed)
    • Progeny must be active on ES in future and registered on main site
    • Do not change gender or other basics
    • Name of progeny has to start with the letter of the father´s name.
    • You are allowed to breed with the progeny
    • You are allowed to add your prefix
    • First payment, then file exchange
    • send me a file of your mare
    • It can take a few weeks until I get to create the foal
    • Warmbloods are accepted, therefore no ponies or drafts horses.
    • After paying me, you will get a foal template with coat
    • Send the application form into the comments
    • After I accepted your application, you have to send me the payment, so that I can start.

    Application form

    Stallions :

    • Your mare's name:
    • Your mare's conformation picture link:
    • Your mare's breed:
    • Your mare's colour:
    • Genotype of your mare :


    • Your Stallion's name:
    • Your Stallion's Conformation picture link:
    • Your Stallion's Breed :
    • Your Stallion's Colour :
    • Genotypeof your Stallion :


    Belgian W -Stallion - 6yrs - Bay -Ee/Aa - 20/06/2012 - Cso : 32 pts & Halter : 53pts. Title Régional Champion
    Stud Fee : 6.000 $


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