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  • So, I've been putting off starting the scrapbook for a number of reasons...
    Mainly OCD which makes me feel like the scrapbook should flow from beginning to end. That it is should begin with post A (Tour the Farm) and proceed to post B (Meet the Staff) followed by post C (Meet the Horses) ... which then leads to, "I can't post yet - the "fill in the blank" isn't exactly how I want it yet"

    I've decided this morning to just go with it. I've learned to overlook the fact that I can't edit as well as I'd like ... I'm just going to jump in and we'll revisit those other posts (farm tour, character intros) as progress and time allows.

    alt text

    Cassidy and Squire

    Cassidy was hired to work primarily in our broodmare barn. She's a registered vet tech which makes her an invaluable member of our farm team. At home, Cassidy shows Modern American Shetland ponies in Halter and Fine Harness. She was the one who suggested we give Squire a try in harness and was the obvious choice for his driver.

    Squire was one of our most recent Irish imports and we discovered right away that he is VERY particular about riders. When we began evaluating him to determine which discipline suited him best for competition we found that Squire requires a very quiet rider. Bouncing, off balance, too much arm/hand movement ... this guy is gone, leaving his rider in the dirt wondering what just happened.

    During a Monday morning staff meeting Cassidy suggested trying him under harness. She got together with a friend who shows Norikers to borrow tack and Squire and Cassidy are now progressing beautifully as Country Pleasure team. They just competed in their first Carriage Driving show this weekend and placed 8th in their class. We look forward to seeing them progress as they work out the kinks and become more comfortable and confident in the discipline.

  • Enjoyed reading the story, and great picture.

  • I know what you mean but sometimes you've just got to throw things at the page :) Nice start, it's great to see some more harness pictures around here :)

  • Let's try this again!

    I've been meaning to sit down and put this post together for the last 3-4 days... so let's see if I can get it done this afternoon.

    This season at the barn has been a whirlwind of activity. We added two new buildings to the farm and renovated an older barn at the front of the property. We now have a dedicated farm office, a stallion barn and a lesson barn. We welcomed three new employees - Agatha Flynn, Office Manager; Cooper Long, Stallion Barn and Grounds/Maintenance Manager; and Olivia Prentiss, Lesson Instructor and Rider. We've also decided to make it a yearly habit to get a picture of the entire staff at the end of each year!


    (Left to Right: Agatha Flynn, Cassidy Devereaux, Willow Fairchild, Graeme MacNamara, Caroline Delacort, Olivia Prentiss, Cooper Long)

    This season we brought in a number of new horses.

    Desi - a Fell Pony for the Lesson Barn. I am sure that we will have a student or two that will want to show with her in Pony Hunters. She's an absolute doll and we are considering bringing in one or two more to start a small breeding program.

    We are also on the lookout for more lesson horses. Students will vary in age and will show regularly.
    If you have a horse that you think might work for us, please send me a note. Leases and budget minded sale prices will certainly be considered. Purchase-wise we are especially interested in Welsh Pony Sec C, Welsh Cob Sec D, Kentucky Mountain Horse, Morgan Horse, and/or Pony of the Americas.

    Our two broodmares are getting bigger by the day! Duchess, the chestnut, is bred to Ennis. This is her first foal, so we're a little nervous to see how the delivery goes. So far everything looks good. Duchess is a bit of a primadonna and can be a bit of a pain in the behind when she doesn't get her way; so we'll see how motherhood suits her.
    Daisy, the bay, is bred to Squire (a bay based gray.) This will be Daisy's second foal for us and she was a dream last time - an easy delivery and a wonderful mother.

    Lachlan, our Rinn Fada farm manager delivered 3 Irish imports last week. The two fillies and colt are settling in nicely. I'm excited to be able to watch them grow and learn.

    and last but certainly not least - we were lucky enough to be able to purchase a gorgeous black Irish Draught stallion from Lidija Rotherford. We are beyond excited about this handsome lad. He's been out to a few shows and took a first in class at the Bremen Horse Trials. He seems to have made himself right at home. He and Willow (our Eventing rider) are getting along splendidly. He's a stunner with an outstanding work ethic and lots of heart. We're just over the moon with him!

    Ennis picked up 7 Dressage points. Only 4 points away from his Dressage Regional title.
    Jewel picked up 4 Eventing points and 9 Show Jumper points. She's 1 point shy of having her Local title in both disciplines. Go JuJu Bean!
    Iris took a first in class for her very first points! and then went right back to her favorite 9th place finish.

    And I could go on, but I've written a book as it is, so I'll close now.
    I'm trying to finish up the photo entries for the Bremen show and we've got to get packed and on the road to a show in Texas! Why I ever agreed to a "road trip adventure!" I will never know.


    Well, time has gotten away from me. I got two pictures done from the Bremen event


    and Jewel

    I had hoped to do a picture of our new horse Dexter (He took a 1st place and earned his Local Eventing title)! But I won't be able to get it done in time for the RP portion of the show.

    #Irish Draught #Eventing

  • Dexterrrrr :heart_decoration:

  • Thought I'd drop by with a brief update. I was taking pics for an "end of the season/month" update - but at the rate I'm going it'd be the end of THIS month before I get my pics done. So, we'll just go with what we've got. (My game was being really wonky, but seems to be doing better... although it definitely still has its moments.)

    Our Broodmare Barn Manager, Cassidy Devereaux and her sister, Avery show their American Modern Shetland Ponies in Fine Harness and Halter. I went with them for a recent halter show and had a blast. I'm hoping to add a few more of this breed to our show string. Color, spirit, lots of animation = FUN!

    Both broodmares foaled late last month - both chestnut fillies. Daisy's filly by Squire is Belle. She's a sweetheart, a bit shy but very loving once she warms up to you.

    Duchess' filly by Enniskerry is Lucie. A bright red chestnut, she is bold as brass and always right up front to see what's going on and if treats are involved. We're looking forward to watching these two youngsters grow up here on the farm.

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