Royal Elite Stud says hello

  • Hello everybody! :slight_smile:
    I'm Lauren Goldtree and I'm 24 years old, my Stable is called Royal Elite Stud and we have many different breeds on our stud but only warmbloods.
    My real name is Julia and I'm 16 years old aaand I come from Germany :slight_smile:
    My English is not the best, sooo excuse me for that xD
    I hope I will get to know many new people here and maybe even make friends :3

    You can look at my website, but it is currently only in German, sorry guys :confused:


    I would never have thought that I would register here, but now I'm looking forward to the time here! :slight_smile:

  • Welcome to Equus Lauren! Happy to have you here <3

  • @Erica-Ackerson thank you! :heart:

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