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    Located in the heart of cowboy country, Grand River Ranch boasts state-of-the-art facilities designed to bring out the best performance in each horse while looking after the horse’s well-being. From the barns and arenas to the wash racks and saddling bays, Grand River Ranch is equipped with every amenity a performance horse in training may require. This state of the art equine facility meets the demands we face with our training and breeding program. A beautifully rich environment with great diversity of vegetation, a river amongst large old oaks and pines. The entire facility is under 24 hour surveillance. Our location allows us to take full advantage of the world class equine resources in the area including veterinarians, farriers, and feed companies. This is the location where our young horses begin their life under saddle. Training to become the best of the best, world class western performance horses.

    All of Grand River Ranch's performance horse prospects are hand-selected for their outstanding breeding, conformation, athletic ability and trainable dispositions. While there is no guarantee that a horse will reach the utmost level of success, these outstanding colts and fillies possess the characteristics to excel and command the hallmark of champions. Each horse is trained using the Method with the ultimate goal of competing and winning at the highest levels of reining and cow horse competitions.

    Reining and Cow Horses are our education priorities. Since both disciplines work in perfect harmony, it gives us the opportunity for a varied and motivating workout. Also our special Futurity program uses this combination to the individual talent of each horse to discover and maintain the athletic career open to both disciplines. The cornerstone of any success lies in a solid, well-established basic education. Only in this building it is possible to promote the horse according to his natural talent and lead to lasting success.

    Grand River Ranch takes a great deal of pride in breeding, training and showing our performance horses and partners with select individuals who share our passion for the horse as an athlete and have a love of reining and cow horse competitions.

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    CK Classicly Invited 1.16.2017
    What's Going On 5.27.2017
    Goodbye Equus Community 6.9.2017

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  • January 16th, 2017

    Even though retiring some of our horses is coming up, we're excited for new additions. One of these horses is CK Classicly Invited (LLL Only Invitational x WS Zippo´s Classic Blueprint), a handsome Classic Champagne American Quarter Horse stallion with some outstanding legs. This lad comes to us from our dear friend Erin Cooke due to his previous owner's not being able to care for him. He has since then become an active competitor in our Reining & Cutting team.

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    Vin, as we call him, is a calm soul with a gentle heart, but he is a very strong horse who will pull and push. He is to be handled carefully but confidently. Sugar cubs happen to be this stallions favorite thing in the world to beg for, but apples and carrots will pass if no sugar cubs can be given. Jason Valkyrie has taken up being Vin's new rider for training and competing. He saddled vin up today, taking him out for some early morning training.

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  • May 27th, 2017

    Hello everyone!

    I've bet you've been wondering what's been going on with the ranch and myself as we haven't been doing many updates or showing photos of the horses. Finally got the time to post what's going on with the ranch and myself so you can all know for yourself. Recently became very busy outside the ranch with schoolwork which is my big priority as they are giving me until the end of this year to finish or well no graduation, which happens to be very important to me but I also have work piling up on me as well. Between both it's been really taking my time away from the ranch to take pictures and do updates for everyone in which i'm sorry for as I know the breeders would love to see how their horses are doing with us. Just because we haven't been pushing out updates here doesn't mean we haven't been entering them in shows still! ;)

    Many of the horses are still being entered into shows and from when they first started with us have grown so big in the show world with some having over 100pts in their disciplines. We take pride in showing our horses and will never stop showing them even if we become busy with other things, so breeders can be assured that the horses aren't just sitting around not being cared to. Our website is also slowly but surly being updated with news horses as well as the horses points/showing history. We will be reopening our update program for the breeders to apply for once more. To those who are new to the update program and unsure what it is you can take a look Here! The link will take you to a doc that tells you what's it's all about, but the title of the program gives a small hint. We know some have applied before, but we ask for everyone to apply once again to update new dates and to see who is still interested in keeping tabs of horses we have bought from you.

    Breeding requests are still being done, it's just going to take a little longer then normal to get them done. If anyone is interested or didn't know we do have our 2017 breeding season open right now, if you like to apply to one of are open horses you can take a look Here! It may take sometime to receive your foal but be assured that you will receive your foal from your request if accepted. To know if your accepted or not for now on we will be contacting the person to let them know and that the foal is on the way.

    To those wondering about horses who aren't registered yet don't fear i'm slowly but surly getting to that. There are many horses that need to be sent, so all will be sent in at the same time. We will be getting the needed information and pictures today so we can get these horses not only registered but able to start showing and earning points. You will soon see the horses registered and in the next up coming shows once they are approved!

    I hope to become active once more with our scrapbook and get pictures of the horses out once more. May not be soon but i'll be active sometime in the next couple of weeks or maybe more active within the next month hopefully. Only time will tell, but i'm still around checking messaging and keeping track of horses. Be assured horses are still being entered and will continued to be entered it's just I won't be doing scrapbook updates or taking many pictures.

    Thank you! <3

  • June 9th, 2017

    Hey everyone!

    I've come to a hard decision weather to leave Equus Community or stay. After careful thought I have finally decided that I will be leaving Equus Community behind me as I've lost all motivation for it truthfully. Just like many before me i'm not fully leaving the sim horse world behind or leaving my beloved horses in the dust. I'll be moving over to Equus-Sims as I have found my motivation over on the sister site. With the decision, i'll be starting fresh with my ranch meaning a new world, new set-up, new horses/less horses and a couple of other things. The main parts will be staying the same though. That being said I'll still be on here hosting shows as it's one of the only things i still enjoy doing and a big part of my ranch.

    To those wondering about horses, many will still be entered into shows on the forum yet I won't be doing anything outside of showing with them on this forum. I'll be choosing a special few that be moving over to Equus-Sims with me, even though some might not travel with me doesn't mean I don't love them or they won't be active anymore. More horses will be brought over in the future but first I must settle in and handle only a select few. All horses will still be showing here on the forum and breeders are always welcome to contact me for updates on them.

    Everyone here has been wonderful and it makes me sad that i'll be leaving the site outside of hosting shows. I love everyone here, it's been a hell of a time and a blast with everyone. Maybe i'll see many of you over on Equus-Sims. Good bye lovlies.

    Thank you! <3

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