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  • Competition Committee

    Competition Committee
    Manitoba Country Pleasure Finals
    08.09-08.11.2017 11:59 PM EST
    Judged by Leah Harrington


    • All entry fees must be paid in full to the CC COUNTRY PLEASURE account on the main site for your entry to be processed.
    • The system does not accept punctuation in payments at this time. If you put, for example, $50.00 when you send payment, you will be sending $5,000! Just type in $50 with no decimal places. Please pay once for your entire entry, not per horse!
    • Payments must be made by the same member who entered the horse.
    • Horses may not be cross-entered in different levels at the same show.
    • Riders may compete up to two horses in each class.
    • Horses must be registered with the appropriate discipline to be eligible to compete.
    • Member can enter up to 5 horses per level with 50 horses total.
    • If there are more than 14 participants in one class, it will be split. Classes with fewer than 10 participants will have phantom horses added to meet the minimum requirement.
    • Go to the COUNTRY PLEASURE Leaderboard to check your horse's current level. Horses may enter below their level but those entered above will be disqualified and entry fee confiscated.
    • Error change requests/discipline declarations are not guaranteed to be completed by end of show, especially those submitted on its final day.
    • Undeclared horses will be disqualified and entry fee confiscated.
    • Duplicate entries will result in a DQ and will not be refunded. If the same horse is entered by multiple members, only first entry is taken into account and any following entries will be disqualified.

    Classes & Fees

    • SCHOOLING (1): $75 entry fee
    • LOCAL (2): $150 entry fee
    • COUNTY (3): $225 entry fee
    • REGIONAL (4): $300 entry fee
    • STATE (5): $375 entry fee
    • TRI-STATE (6): $450 entry fee
    • NATIONAL (7): $525 entry fee
    • CONTINENTAL (8): $600 entry fee
    • WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS (9): $675 entry fee
    • WORLD GRAND CHAMPIONSHIPS (10): $750 entry fee

    Entry Card


    Questions, comments, and entry corrections should be posted as replies to this thread.

  • Competition Committee

  • Competition Committee



    • This phase will remain open for 14 days from the time of this post.

    • You can submit any photo, story or a combination photo and story.

    • Horses need to be entered in the randomized phase to qualify.

    • Horses that have been disqualified may enter and collect points.

    • A total of 5 horses per member can be entered in the Role Play phase.

    • Entries must be submitted via the Roleplay Phase Entry Form to be counted and earn RP Rewards.

    Minimum Requirements

    • Story entries must be at least 300 words long and related to the show or the entry will not be counted. Entries longer than 300 words will not receive extra achievement points.

    • Photos can be inspired by how your horse did in the competition portion of the show or you can do anything related to the show - e.g. arriving at the show, watching a class, etc.


    • One entry will award 2 points (photo or story).

    • If both a picture and story are submitted, 1 extra point is awarded for a possible total of 3 points per horse.

    • Each entry in the Roleplay Phase will award 20 Achievement Points ($1,000 prize money). For more information on Achievement Points please see The Achievement Points Guide



    Entries must be submitted via the Roleplay Phase Entry Form to be counted and earn RP Rewards

  • Lainey stood looking out across the open arena with a growing sense of dread. It had not been a bad day for West Haven at Manitoba County, but it had not gone exactly as planned. While she was in the warm up ring one of her youngest horses WHW Art of War had been acting up. This weeks training had not gone well, but he was still young, just now a three year old and had barely managed a handful of shows.

    She should have known it would have been a bad idea to bring him to Manitoba, but she had. He bucked through most of his class, which ended with him throwing a shoe. Chuck barely managed to keep a handle on him, garner a glorified 13th place which was the judge giving a nod to them for amusement. Lainey was not amused. Her lips thinned as she watched Jessica lead the colt back to the trailer. He was proving to be difficult.

    So far, not a single one of her horses had won their class. Sometimes it happened like this, but today for some reason everything had just felt off. The horses, her staff, and especially her. It shouldn’t bother her that Tim hadn’t shown up once this weekend. Big surprise. Dr. Timothy Hendrix had better things to do than to step around piles of horse manure and hold pom poms for his wife. Lainey glanced at her phone. He had told her three hours ago he was on his way. At this point, it was pretty well certain that he was not going to show up.

    She stepped away from the arena and headed towards the warm up area outside. Ace and Vivienne were easy to spot. As usual, Ace moved like a dream, each foot placed as sure as the last. There was not a day that went by, that Lainy did not admire him. She smiled, watching the younger girl push the seasoned stallion through his paces. He moved beautifully, even if Vivienne was a little inexperienced.

    “Lainey!” Vivienne brought Ace to a stop along the fence, her eyes bright with excitement, “I can’t thank you enough for letting me warm him up.”

    “You should take him in for me.” Lainey nodded towards the arena, “They will be calling the class soon.”

    “Lainey, I can’t do that!”

    “Yes you can, you will be doing me a favor. I’m not up for a ride today. Just go in there and have fun. Ace will take care of you.”

    alt text

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