• I've looked through the threads here and haven't seen quite what I'm looking for, soooo....I'm seeking an APH stud for my mare, Drovers Smart and D Luxe #28828. I would prefer he was at least 2nd generation considering she has a nice lineage going but if I like the stud enough I might let this go. Like most I use realistic genetics, so please no crosses that could create a LWO foal. Would also prefer that he had at least some kind of show history, but she only has 36 points to her name (on EA, not Equus) so its not a big deal. I WILL be showing said foal on multiple websites, so you must be alright with that. I'm actually least active on this forum, but you will still see the horse around and can follow our website/FB page for updates. Foal will be kept and shown in a few months when its of age, (I do under 3yrs old 1 month =1 yr) kept active of course. I don't mind if you want your prefix in the name, but it will carry mine as well. Will pay here, EA, or do a stock horse import if you prefer.

    Now heres the catch. I already have a general idea in my mind as to name, gender, conformation etc of this foal so I would really prefer to make the actual horse myself. Before the horse is officially introduced I will run it by you for approval first so you can make sure your stallion didn't sire the flying spaghetti monster or something. :P

    Here is her profile page with pictures, conformation, lineage, genetics etc. Don't go off of her Equus profile picture, its fugly and old. xD
    Drovers Smart and D Luxe

  • I have a tobiano APH stallion, PLR No City Slicker, you can use if you'd like. He's a second generation stallion competing in reining (9 points) and working cow horse (37 points). Here a couple of pictures of him.
    alt text
    alt text

  • 0_1502979488422_upload-0da3bd4e-3d92-41ab-abb2-56c15c9f3a62

  • CSR Smokin Amarillo is 3rd Gen - his sire is Heza Hellraiser
    He doesn't have any points yet, but he does have a nice lineage so I thought it might be worth a shot? :) This would be his first foal

    alt text
    alt text


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