• Since I've been so inactive lately I've decided to sell almost all of my horses. Only WR Ainokainen and Akselin Svengi L.M are staying for sure. If you have sold a horse for me in the past and want your old horse back, just contact me, you'll get him/her back. I don't really care about money, I just want that my old horses find good and active homes where they get all the attention they deserve.

    If you are interested in some of the horses, sent me an application via pm where you tell:

    • which horse(s) you are interested in
    • something about your stables and you
    • what kind of future the horse(s) will have with you
    • how much you are willing to pay of the horse(s)
    • add some pictures that you've taken

    • You have to be a registered member of ES
    • You are not allowed to edit horses' showname in any way. Barn name may be changed as often you want.
    • You are not allowed to edit horses' main site profile. No modifacations to the pedigree!
    • You are not allowed to change horses' gender. Stallions may be gelded.
    • You can make minimal changes to horses' confomation, but please ask me first.
    • You can add or remove HD- and shine markings as you like.
    • Please keep the horse active. I don't want that my horses just dissappear. We prefer active show homes.
    • Use realistic aging. I recommend 4 months = 1 ES year.
    • Please be responsible with breeding the horse. I hope that the horse has at least one title before the first breed.
    • Before applying for the horse, make sure you have enough money.
    • If you ever want to sell the horse, please notify me who you have sold it. I want to know where my old horses are.
    • If you break any of our rules we have right to reclaim the horse with no refunds.
    • I have a right to cancel the sale for any reason.

    I will put links to my website where you find the profiles of my horses. There you can find all basic info and pictures of them. However some horses don't have a profile on my website but they a main site profile - so check that too!


  • I would be interested in the black Hanoverian stallion and the Trakehner Stallion please. Sent you two chats :)

  • I sent you a PM as well.

  • Competition Committee

    Sent you a PM :slight_smile:

  • So... who's avaialble now? Just those on your main site profiles, yes?

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