[CANCELLED] Pessoa Farm's August Auction

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    Welcome to Pessoa Farm's August foal crop One horses bred from impressive lines are being offered. Auction ends on Aug. 20th, Starting bid for this horses is 5k. Minimum bid is 1k, no autobuy.

    RULES :

    • All horses come with custom markings. Do not distribute the markings.
    • You're free to tweak shines and shaders, but no changes to the coat!
    • Don't put the sim up for public download!
    • You may not change discipline.
    • Please put your favorite breed in your first bid, so I know you read the rules!
    • You cannot change the prefix
    • There are activity rules, seeing the horse active in your scrapbook and the show.
    • You can castrated the stallion but informed me before...
    • You have to create the main site once the auction won

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    Bwp Stallion 12/08/17 - 3 yrs Bay Aa/Ee Sandro X Cookai


  • Horse : Highest Bid: End's Date
    Kandro PF Name rider & $ 20/08/17
    XXXXXX Katharina Opalhaven - 5K 12/08/17

  • This auction is OPEN

  • Beautiful horse =) SB please
    Trakehner, Thoroughbreds, Hanoverian (I love WB) :)

  • INFORMATIONS : This auctions is canceled

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