Rising level of Racking Horse's endurance

  • Hi! I recently noticed that racking horse has ridiculously low endurance level cap. I don't agree, here is why.
    On equus racking horse is cross of following
    Saddlebred - has level 7 max in endurance
    TWH - has level 7 cap
    Spotted saddle horse (which literally can be draft gaited cross) - level 8
    standardbred - 4
    missouri fox trotter - 9!!
    rocky moutain horse - 8
    kentucky moutain horse - 8
    national show horse - % (which is good thing)

    Average is ~ 7.

    My idea is to maybe make endurance level % based (if stated of course), it would make the whole thing more realistic.

  • This has already been changed :)

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