Yu-Mi's Graduation ~Important annoucment to previous owners~

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    I'm Graduating from college this semester, in May actually. I'm making this announcement on the forum and Slack. Because I'm Graduating, I don't know what my schedule will be like until May, so it is possible I will become completely in-active for these next few months. Which I will hate.

    I'm concerned for my fluffy pons being reclaimed even though I have every intention of coming back and continuing on Equus. I work too hard not to <3. I can't remember every single person I picked up Vanners and Drafts from so I thought I'd make this announcement here and Let people know about the upcoming long break.

    I'd also like to include the fact that, I'm looking for someone willing to take over competing for all my horses or just some of my horses. that way my pons will still get a year of competition in. I will even send you the files for picture competitions if people would really like to take on that much hair.

    If I have a pon from you, Please get in touch with me so I can discuss what plans of action you would like me to take, or even if I should lease the horse back to you until I can focus my attention again on Equus. Same goes for if you would like to take on the hoard of vanners and drafts.

    I'm really excited to Graduate. but it consists of one such task of completing 15 large to medium size scale Paintings for the required senior art show at the end of the semester. Thank you for everything guys!

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