Tovero when breeding

  • Hey guys, so when it comes to tovero's i have absolutely no idea what im doing. I have a tovero mare that i bought from @Erin-Cooke, i was just wondering what coat possibilities i have when breeding her to a solid colour. Could i technically get an overo or tobiano or can i only get tovero?
    Also im just wondering what makes this mare tovero and not just tobiano?

    Thanks in advance guys! xx

  • The Tobiano and Overo genes are both dominant, and located on the same locus. so your horse will only pass one of those genes off. Therefor, the offspring will be either a Tobiano or an Overo, but never solid colour as it has to get one of those two genes from your horse.

    Edit: But if you breed your horse to a Tobiano you have a 50% chance of a Tovero offspring.

  • @Claira-James Oh i see! I didnt realise they had the same locus. Thanks so much that makes sense now. Do you happen to know what part of the mares markings make her tovero? I feel like i would see her as being tobiano.

  • The only thing I can spot immediately is the white face blue eyes (most Tobianos tend to have dark eyes). Other than that I am not entirely sure. She looks mostly Tobiano to me. But we have people in the community that are far better at this than I am.

  • Tobiano doesn't give that much face white, the overo gene boosted her face white, overo can hide, so a tovero could look like a regular tobiano, but in her case, the face and blue eyes are her indicator and the fact she is also out of a tovero stallion, she got both genes.

    Highlite is Ee | Ata | nT | nO so she can throw tobiano with or without overo, and vica versa.

    Also @Claira-James Tobiano and Frame Overo are not on the same locus, a horse can throw both genes. I think you might be mistaking it for roan with tobiano etc

    A horse can't throw both roan and tobiano as they are on the same locus, they will throw one or the other and never a solid horse.
    Frame Overo and Tobiano do not act like that, a horse can throw both genes or none at all.

  • @Erin-Cooke Thanks so much Erin and Claira. I feel a lot more knowledgeable thanks to you both!

  • @Neeve-Kalford
    You're welcome, look forward to seeing her future babies, also just a heads up, if you do decide to breed her and she has a tovero or overo foal, there has been change in breeds, Overo is no longer allowed in Australian Warmbloods, so if she has a foal, it will have to be registered as an Australian Sports Horse or what ever else allows overo :)

  • Thanks for that @Erin-Cooke! I didnt realise that so thanks for the heads up! Looking forward to her future babies too!

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