Stall Eikedalen is looking for partners!

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    Stall Eikedalen is looking for partners! Want to know what it means to be in a partnership with Eikedalen? Check out our website for more information about requirements and benefits!

    This has already been posted on slack, but not everyone here is active over there, so I decided to post it on the forum as well. I haven't gone through every app yet so you still have the chance to 'apply'!

  • What a fabulous opportunity!

  • darn, sounds super interesting and something i'd love to be a part of, though sadly I don't really have many 'scandinavian breeds' ): hope you find someone perfect!

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    This sounds like a great opportunity! I've been meaning to add Fjords to my stable and expand on my Dutch warmbloods, but I haven't done that yet so I'm probably not qualified yet :sweat_smile:

  • If I hadn't been so new to this whole Equus-stuff, I would totally do it! I have a 'Scandinavian'-stable too - or rather, I am building one - with the breed of Danish Warmblood and a few single others. ;)

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    @Neeve-Kalford Yeah it really is! Not only for me, but for the ones who become our partner(s) as well!
    @Eowyn-Vance Aw, that's so sad! Yeah, unfortunately, it's mostly Norwegian, Swedish and danish breeds. I've got a few 'complaints' on it from others who want to become partners because I have more dutch wbs and hanos than Scandinavian breeds myself, lol. I'm sure I'll find someone!
    @Andrea-Burdine It really does! At least I believe it can be nothing but successful. You're qualified now! I've had so many nice people who asked me to please allow other breeds and I've decided to actually do it.
    @Rose-Falkner Now that the requirements have changed you are welcome to apply!

    So yeah, I've decided to be easier on you guys when it comes to requirements. To anyone who wanted to apply but didn't have any Scandinavian horses; you are now allowed to apply as long as you focus on any European warmbloods such as Dutch Warmbloods, Hanoverians, Westphalians, etc.

    So this actually means that if you are thinking of starting with a Scandinavian breed such as Norwegian warmblood; you are allowed to apply even if you haven't started out yet. Same if you do not think of starting with it, but you do focus on any European warmblood.

    However, if you do not intend to start with a Scandinavian breed you must be aware that I will use your horses in my lines to breed Scandinavian horses now and then, so you have to allow me to do this. Just hurry up if you plan on applying because I got a lot of apps already and I will go through them in like two days.

    Also thank you, everyone, for the interest! : - ) It's so sweet to see that this is something a lot of you would be interested, I love the massive response I've got the last few days! I hope more people in this community will consider to get partners and start to cooperate more about bringing the line further and of course having more fun in game! It would've been awesome.

  • This is definitely a cool idea, I've partnered with other stables in the past for sales and breedings but it's really neat to see the idea coming back, especially as a breeding stable :yum: Hopefully this'll inspire other people to do the same thing.

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    @Luke-Teth I believe it is! As you say, it's not really my idea, because I'm aware a lot of people had partners before...Even I did, but it would be so awesome to bring it back! People used to cooperate more but now most people are all by themselves with breeding, and I know it's easier and a lot more fun when you're two.. So yeah, I do hope that this could inspire others to bring it back as well! :smile:

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    It's great to hear you've opened this up more, I've sent in an Application and plan to open my own stable up to partners (finally) soon!

  • This idea is really cool! I would have very much interest, but unfortunately I am not so long on equus yet..

  • @Malin-Støvreide this might be something to consider! :)

  • @Lidija-Rotherford i have sent the application already, thanks tho :)

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