Question about grades and discipline caps

  • I have a couple questions about how the discipline caps work. I am looking at this doc with the caps on it, and I am wondering how grades work. Specifically, the grade ponies. For many disciplines they are capped at 0. Are they just not allowed to compete in most things? Do they need to be evaluated first and then given a cap based on confo, ect.? Is there some other way of deciding their cap?

    And then unrelated to the grade ponies, I was wondering how having a secondary discipline affects the cap level. On the "discipline combinations", the one you put in at the top is the primary, correct? And the ones it gives you below are secondary?

    Moving on, what do the negative numbers mean? For example, lets use classical dressage in the top (i think the primary?) and dressage in the list (possibly secondary?). The number is 0. Does that mean that both of them are unrestricted?

    Say we flipped them, dressage in the top and classical in the list, t now has a -1. Does that mean you go down one level in dressage, or is it for both?

    Finally, are these finished or is it still a wip?

  • I think that 0 in this case may mean % - based of breed of parents. You would get different level caps when crossing connemara with warmblood than crossing haflinger with draft.
    I may be wrong

  • What would happen if you had a grade with unknown parents?

  • If you are registering grade (or some breeds like quarab or national show horse) you have to put % in registration, Like 30% connemara, 20% haflinger, 50% quarter pony. I'm not sure but if you don't really know you can do something like 50% warmblood, 50% pony, but I might be wrong.

  • I was thinking about making a grade with unknown history. Something like 50% wb 50% pony would be enough "unknown-ness" for me, where would I go to make sure I could do that though?

  • You can wait for someone more up to date to reply or go to breed information part of forum and there will be all info you need :)

  • Awesome, thanks!

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    We could work with '50% warmblood' as warmbloods tend to have the same / similar caps, but you might need to be more specific with the pony half as there's a world of difference between a Shetland, a German riding pony, and a Mongolian steppe pony :)

    Regarding the level caps:
    A 0 means that the breed isn't appropriate for this discipline, such as a grade pony in draft horse showing or flat racing.
    Where a number is given means that's the breed cap for that discipline.
    Where the discipline is missing** means that the level cap is based on the mixbred % information for the horse in question.

    (** The sheet you are looking at is a tool I made for ease of seeing an overview of a horse/ discipline, and I didn't realise how poorly it was handling % cases!)

    The negative numbers refer to how well a horse can perform when competing in different disciplines- the discipline penslty. The more similar the disciplines, the smaller the penalty, as you mention with dressage x classical dressage.
    As shown in your example, they don't always go both ways evenly.
    Classical dressage takes no penalty (0) when combined with dressage, but the horse would have a penalty of -1 in dressage for this combination.

    Eg: an arabian in classical dressage and TREC.
    An arab can reach lvl10 in each these disciplines if he's doing only one, but if he does both then he gets penalties:
    TREC -2
    Classical dressage -3
    This causes him to cap at TREC lvl8 and classical dressage lvl7.

    The way to read this section of the document is to put the discipline you're curious about at the top, and the list below will populate with the possible other disciplines and the penalty you will get in your chosen discipline if you combine them.

    Hope this helps!

  • Would, say, 50% stock/50% draft/50% baroque work too, because they are generally similar in type?

    And for the ponies, would describing them a similar way work? (like 50% draft pony, 50% sport type pony, ect.?)

  • (Whoops, forgot to login and I can't edit)

    Does it matter which is the primary and which is the secondary discipline?

  • @Sarah-Virgil
    Watch the level caps carefully, my pons compete mostly in speed racking and endurance.
    If the endurance is first than they can go up to level 4, but if it second, they go up to 5. I don't know why but they do.

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    Guest said in Question about grades and discipline caps:

    Would, say, 50% stock/50% draft/50% baroque work too, because they are generally similar in type?

    And for the ponies, would describing them a similar way work? (like 50% draft pony, 50% sport type pony, ect.?)

    This would work :)

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