[CLOSED FOR NOW] Leasers wanted!

  • Long story in short: some of our horses needs to be taken care of for a while. If you have a space in your stable and good will, please have a look.

    General terms of lease:

    • reliable leasers only.
    • .sim files will not be sent, only main site profiles.
    • horses may not be bred during the lease under any circumstances.
    • R-shows only. Do not need to be entered at their current level each time. I understand that things happens sometimes but if horse misses shows in a row the lease will be cancelled and no reward given. Please let me know if you're going to be away!
    • no spreadsheets of entries needed, just want to see them to be active.
    • standard duration of lease is 1 ES year (4 rl months). I'll notify you at the end of the date if you want to continue the lease or not. The lease may be ended at any time.
    • I reserve the right to end the lease at any time if the horse will be needed at homestable.
    • by applying you accept terms and conditions of leasing.


    • you pay for all entry fees and you keep all winnings.
    • granted one free breeding from the leased horse whether it's traditional or BIY or special money reward at the end of the lease: per each 50pts earned in a discipline I pay $5ooo.
    • first choice of buying if I choose to sell the horse.


    • to apply just PM me here or leave a comment below with info which horse(s) you want to lease and for how long.

    PAR Druid - Arabian stallion
    Monachyle's Dark Dreamer - TB stallion
    R.M. Jalosydän - Finnhorse

    Sweet Tart SHS - TB mare
    Winged Hussar AW - Holsteiner stallion
    Hetman of Clouds AW - BWP stallion
    Illusion FN - TB mare
    BD Kilbeggan - TB stallion

    Avro Anson - Würtemberger stallion
    Monachyle's Olivioux - TB mare
    Ngauruhoe - TB stallion

    Monachyle's Warspite - British Warmblood stallion
    Uzume R'E - TB mare
    Rose Noire AW - dressage as secondary discipline - TB mare
    Monachyle's Whisky 'N Wine - TB stallion
    Draconis Fatal Evil - dressage as secondary discipline - TB stallion
    Voodoo Doll SHS - dressage as secondary discipline - TB mare
    Ghirardelli AW - sj as secondary discipline - TB stallion
    Femme Noire SHS - dressage as secondary discipline - TB mare
    Tortuga AW - dressage as secondary discipline - TB mare
    Hells Bells AW - dressage as secondary discipline - TB mare
    Meltefos AW - TB stallion
    Ocean Pearl's Dominator - sj as secondary discipline - TB stallion
    Sirius Black FN - TB stallion

    FAL The Secret Lies Beyond - stallion
    RÉ. Majestic Maleficent - mare
    QMR Dragonstone - stallion
    Hipodrome AW - stallion
    Ocean Pearl's Rocket Girl - mare
    Lady Hurricane AW - mare

  • THE Afterthought is still looking for a leaser :)

  • I'll lease THE Afterthought! I just downsized my stable to only 8 horses, and I'm only doing R shows right now, I could definitely fit him in

  • @Angeles-Dunn Thank you so much for help !

    This is closed for now, more horses may be added in the future so stay tuned :)

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • little bump :)

  • I can lease Avro Anson ;) I am quite active in r-shows.

  • @Irene-Crownguard Thank you, that's great!

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