[ENDED] Wrenegade Stables Production Sale - Titled Horses

  • The winters were cold and the summers were hot--and it just happened to be the tail end of summer for Wrenegade, so it was especially hot. If not for the borderline neurotic sprinkler rotation set for each area of turn-out, most of them would have likely turned to dry-lot a month ago. The evergreens trees, at least, didn't care, and remained as green as ever, providing some blessed shade over each of the barns and hacking out trails. Not for the first time was Dimitri grateful for his decision to keep the properties more or less wild with forest growth, even if it did cause inconveniences for the rest of their operations; nevermind that he was a recluse, and liked not being able to see the road.
    It was not often that the small, relatively quiet performance stable opens its doors to buyers, its owner usually preferring to keep the property and his horses to himself. But, there are a few occasions where Dimitri--or more accurately, his staff--reminded him that, for all the show winnings they took in, they were still in the business of training and producing horses for the purposes of sale.



    An unusual looking pair of men, to be sure, and not at all the sort one would expect to be heavily involved in the dealing of horses, Dimitri and Aiden stand at the head of the property to greet the incoming buyers. They offer polite words of welcome and instructions on where to park on the property, Dimitri looking much more hesitant to be allowing so many strangers to his property, and Aiden happy to see so many fresh faces to harass--er, meet. When most of the dust had settled, and it seemed that the majority of the prospective buyers for the afternoon had arrived, Dimitri ushered them to the front entrance of one of the barns, standing somewhat stiffly as he addressed the small group gathered. He cleared his throat before he began.
    "Good afternoon, everyone. I hope we weren't too hard to find--um, thank you for coming out today. I'm Dimitri Dane, owner and rider of Wrenegade Stables, and I'm... happy to welcome you to take part in our sale today. These horses are ones we brought in as youngsters, and have trained up according to our strict standards; most of them have already done a fair amount of competing. My staff member here, Aiden, will be bringing the horses out for you to view, and we'll give you some details on their backgrounds, and so on. The sale will be held in auction style, but you'll have some time to make your decisions once all the horses have been shown. So, right--let's see some horses; that's what you're all here for, after all." He nodded to Aiden, who disappeared into the barn for a few moments to fetch the first of the sale stock.


    Emerging from the darkness of the barn, a stately, convex head proceeds the large, thickly built stallion that clip-clops alongside Aiden, on the end of the reins. His ears perk up at the sight of so many people there to look at him, and he blows out a snort, lifting his head high to get a better view. He carries himself as a stallion ought--with grace and power, not letting on to the fact that his body was built as heavily as it was. Aiden brought the horse to a halt, asking him to stand out square, which he did quietly enough, although he kept one eye on the crowd at all times, an ear cocked towards them.
    "Mr. Darcy M, or just Darcy. 2014 Dutch Warmblood stallion, of Gelderlander type. He's a foundation we imported from a stable in the UK, and he's done very well for us throughout the years. He's been competing at Derby levels for the last six months or so, and he's proven to be a reliable mount for his rider, Mr. Kurosaki. Lovely way of going--I think the only knock he has against him is that he can occasionally be a bit of a spook, but only very rarely."
    Aiden, handling the horse, gave a snort of his own at that. "Rarely? He picks something to have a conniption over at nearly every show," a comment which earned him a swift glare from Dimitri.
    "I wouldn't go that far. He might have a look at certain things, but--"
    "The last one, it was over an umbrella some lady was holding," Aiden interjected. "Before that, a wide-brimmed hat, and before that, one of the flowers in the pots outside was the wrong shade of yellow for him." The look on Dimitri's face was somewhat pained by the end of it, and he looked up at the sky for a moment, letting out a breath, shook his head, and went on.
    "Yes, he can be a bit of a spook--quite a lot of a spook. But he has the ribbons to prove that he can win despite all that; once he's in the mindset of work, you'll be hard pressed to see him put a foot wrong. At any rate, he's got three solid gaits, and excellent form over the fence--he'd be very well suited for either someone looking to start up their own string of show hunters for breeding, or an intermediate rider who's been looking for something to take them further in the circuits. I wouldn't be giving him out to a beginner rider, though--he can get very... stallion-y, let's say, but for the most part, he keeps to his work. Next horse, Aiden, if you could."


    Name Mr. Darcy M
    Breed (Strain) Dutch Warmblood (Gelderlander)
    Gender Stallion
    Color Chestnut
    Birthdate October 2014
    Main Discipline Show Hunter, 157pts
    Secondary Discipline N/A

    Another chestnut, this one much lankier than the first, but just as inquisitive and bright-eyed about the crowd as he was led out into the daylight. He seemed to lose interest in the attention much more quickly, however, and, when asked to stand out and square out a bit by Aiden, he responded with a deep huff and a lazy flick of the tail. He might have even been inclined to start resting a leg, but a tap from Aiden kept him standing straight.
    "RSR Final Notice, known as Felix around the barn. Swedish warmblood stallion we purchased from a lesser-known competition stable some time ago. Don't mind the roached mane--he had a bit of a bald spot rubbed in near his withers, so it was quicker to shave it off than try to salvage it. An accomplished eventing horse, he... well, he does his work well, when he knows what's asked of him, but he's not quite..." Dimitri trailed off, seeming to be struggling to find the appropriate words, so Aiden chipped in his own appraisal:
    "He's dumb as a brick."
    Dimitri visibly winced at this, shaking his head. "I wouldn't say he's that dumb, but he's... not the sharpest tack in the box, no. He gets things eventually, it just might take him a bit longer than usual. He has a good work ethic despite this, maybe a little bit lazy, but otherwise, he does well."
    "You mentioned he's a stallion, right? Well, he doesn't act like one. He's the epitome of a big, dumb gelding, but he still has his balls," Aiden continued, Dimitri's scowl growing darker with every word he spoke, the look on his face seeming to wonder, 'do you have anything good to say about these horses?' Aiden seemed to read this, and so he went on, in a brighter tone, "That extends to his temperament, obviously. He's an easy ride and trustworthy--you could probably put a kid on him and he'd plod along as happy as a puppy. Just don't expect him to be learning any interesting tricks like how to rear on command, or bowing; he can only remember so many things at once. Teaching him voice commands might make him forget how to jump."
    "Right, thank you, Aiden; next horse."


    Name RSR Final Notice
    Breed (Strain) Swedish Warmblood
    Gender Stallion
    Color Chestnut
    Birthdate March 2015
    Main Discipline Eventer, 152pts
    Secondary Discipline Show Jumper, 100pts

    A much more refined face was the next to greet the onlookers, delicately curved ears pricked forward with the utmost curiosity. Still, the horse had an air about her that suggested she knew when she was being oggled, as she perked up, her steps coming a little bit higher the closer she came to those watching eyes, her tail flagging up as she was brought to the halt, and asked to stand out.
    "WRNGS Mattina Rossa, or Maddie, as we call her affectionately. She--"
    "Doesn't even belong in this sale because she hasn't done anything?" Aiden asked, and this time, he had a slight scowl of his own for Dimitri. The two men glared at each other for a moment, before Dimitri seemed to remember he had an audience, and he coughed.
    "Maddie. 2017 pintabian mare, the youngest horse in the sale. We brought her in just recently, actually; as Aiden said, she has yet to do any competition, but she has already been broken to ride. She has a lovely temperament, a little flighty, but that's not uncommon for the breed. I think she'd be suited for just about any discipline one could ask of her, although she was started in English tack, so any western disciplines might take her a bit longer to get started--although I could definitely see her doing well in something like western pleasure. She just has that kind of nature about her--very showy. Very classy. Very--"
    "Untrained." Bluntly spoken, and Dimitri rolled his eyes.
    "Yes, we've covered that, she's untrained, aside from knowing basic riding commands. She's not about to dump you just for sitting on her. Consider her a blank slate--picture her doing whatever discipline you desire, and she'll likely be able to do it, she's quite willing, once she knows what's being asked of her. Personally, I think she'd make an excellent dressage mount, but that will be up to the buyer to decide."


    Name WRNGS Mattina Rossa
    Breed (Strain) Pintabian
    Gender Mare
    Color Red Dun
    Birthdate January 2017
    Main Discipline N/A
    Secondary Discipline N/A

    The final horse to arrive was almost indiscernible from the shadow of the barn, what with how dark her coat was. Her refined head was already high in the air to inspect the buyers as she oozed into the daylight, each step of her hoof exactly measured, carefully calculated, to be dainty. A warmer smile came across Dimitri's face as Aiden brought this mare out and asked her to stand; this one would be particularly difficult to let go of, for him. Her stance was expertly chosen, her head tilted just so, and she held it exactly right--a showgirl, through and through.
    "WRNGS Splendido Incubo, or Splenda, and she's every bit as sweet. 2015 Polish mare; we originally purchased her as a Spanish strain, but it turns out that was a mix-up in her papers with the breeder. She's pure polish, make no mistake. She's got one of the more unusual disciplines, too, as she specializes in carriage driving--she has a bit of height in her knees, you see. Lovely girl. That said, we know that most people aren't going to be here looking for a carriage horse, so we can assure you that she's also broken to ride English--she just hasn't competed in anything with it. She's very trainable, however, so whatever you might decide to use her for outside of her current discipline, she'll be more than happy to do."
    "She's also a little firecracker, don't forget that," Aiden intoned, rubbing the mare's black nose. "Hot, hot, hot. Fire and brimstone--extra brimstone. But give her a task, and she'll focus like a homing missile, and blow. Your. Mind."
    Dimitri had to chuckle at that; he knew this one would be hard for Aiden to let go of, too. "Yes, right. She's blown a lot of minds around here already at the stables--just a wonderful girl to work with, really. We'd love to keep her on ourselves, but driving just isn't one of our specialties, and we haven't the time to retrain her into any of our other strings, unfortunately. So we hope she'll find a home where she can develop her talents, in whatever way that is. At any rate, she's the last of them, so we may as well get on with the bidding."


    Name WRNGS Splendido Incubo
    Breed (Strain) Arabian (Polish)
    Gender Mare
    Color Black
    Birthdate January 2015
    Main Discipline Carriage Driving, 61pts
    Secondary Discipline N/A

    Sales/Auction Rules (The Boring Bits)

    First of all, if you are the original creator of any of these horses, please feel free to contact me to arrange a private sale if you would like to purchase the horse back--due to how long I've had some of these horses, I outright don't remember who I bought them from. Obviously, this doesn't apply to any horses I've made myself.

    This auction will 'end' on August 19th. However, any horses that received bids on that day, will have their auctions transferred into 24hr ALB--pretty typical stuff nowadays, as far as auction rules go. Autobuy will not be made available on any horses unless specifically indicated. I may decide to open it up on horses who have few to no bids later down the line, but for now, there is no autobuy.

    All horses have CAP images included in their albums. These images are unedited, and were taken with Reshade applied.

    General Common Sense Rules:

    • Do not change the show name or prefix of the horse.
    • Do not change the gender, breed, or color of the horse.
    • Do not use either the coats or the conformations of these horses as a base for any other horses. Offspring are the exception.
    • You may make as many adjustments to the coat or conformation of the horse as you like to suit your tastes, so long as it is recognizable as the original animal.
    • You are not required to contact me for any resales or reclaims on any of these horses.
    • You may change the disciplines on any of the horses, as you see fit.
    • I reserve the right to remove a horse from sale if I feel the need to.

    All of these horses use public markings. If one shows up missing, feel free to replace it with something else.

    Auction Specific Rules:

    • Starting bids on all horses is $7,000
    • Minimum bid increments of $1,000
    High bids are as follows:

    Horse Bidder Bid Amount
    Mr. Darcy M Amelia Martin-Teagarden $62,000
    RSR Final Notice Lainey Hendrix $205,000
    WRNGS Mattina Rossa Lucca Jager $36,000
    WRNGS Splendido Incubo Keegan Noble $21,000

  • SB - WRNGS Mattina Rossa and Monachyle's Fürst Klassiko
    I could actually have them all. Feeling like this auction is going to go crazy....what top quality horses!

  • FC No Tell Motel & Monachyle's Fürst Klassiko- SB :)

  • Bids updated.
    @Erica-Ackerson Klassiko has already had SB placed on him, the new minimum bid is $8,000

  • Oops! My bad ^^
    Monachyle's Fürst Klassiko - $10,000

  • Breed Committee

    FC No Tell Motel - $8,000

  • FC No Tell Motel - $10,000

  • Monachyle's Fürst Klassiko - 11,000

  • Breed Committee

    FC No Tell Motel - $11,000

  • Mr. Darcy M- SB :heart:

  • RSR Final Notice = SB

  • Development Committee

    WRNGS Splendido Incubo - SB
    Tbh, I'm up for trying a new discipline and what better way to start than with an Arab!

  • WRNGS Mattina Rossa - $8,000

  • Competition Committee

    WRNGS Splendido Incubo - 8k

  • PR Committee

    Sent you a message about taking back my horse (Monachyle's Fürst Klassiko )

  • WRNGS Splendido Incubo - 9k

  • WRNGS Mattina Rossa - $9k

  • WRNGS Mattina Rossa - $10k

  • WRNGS Mattina Rossa - 11k

  • Sent a PM about FC No Tell Motel :blossom:

  • WRNGS Mattina Rossa - $12k

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