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    Founded in 2016 the Eastbourgh stud specialises in Irish Sport Horses bred for Showjumping and Eventing, but is also home to a wide range of other breeds. We are fortunate to home some top bloodlines and talented horses. <-

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    -> The Horses
    Retired To Breeding Retired Completely / Deseased

    Name Breed Discipline Titles Stud
    Hulior d'Auroy Selle Francis Showjumping Regional Champion Upon Request
    Eastbourgh's Piaras Irish Sports Horse Showjumping Local Champion No
    Eastbourgh's Organised Chaos Irish Sports Horse Eventing Regional Champion Upon Request
    Eastbourgh's Watcher On The Wall Oldenburg Eventing N/A No
    PCRA Monaco KWPN Eventing Local Champion No
    Cash For Gold REC Thoroughbred Eventing N/A No
    Name Breed Discipline Titles Breeding
    SAEC Empirica Hannoverian Eventing State Champion Private
    Sterling's Stardust Girl Thoroughbred Showjumping Local Champion No
    Bliss Du Hali Hannoverian Eventing / Showjumping Local / Regional Champion No
    Eastbourgh's Dark Dreams Irish Sports Horse Showjumping Regional Champion Private ET
    Eastbourgh's Miss Ireland Irish Sports Horse Eventing Regional Champion Private ET
    Eastbourgh's Thyme Irish Sports Horse Eventing Local Champion No
    Eastbourgh's Novella Irish Sports Horse Showjumping Local Champion No
    Draconis Believe in Hell KWPN Showjumping N/A No
    PSS Concept Hannoverian Showjumping N/A No
    RFE Trifoglia Luna Irish Sports Horse Showjumping / Eventing N/A / N/A No

    0_1484318700021_head 1.png

    The Staff
    Name Age Job Role Favourite Horse
    Angie Newbridge 27 Business Manager Bliss Du Hali
    Jacob Newbridge 23 Head Event Rider Eastbourgh's Organised Chaos / SAEC Empirica
    Charlotte Newbridge 21 Head Show jump Rider Eastbourgh's Piaras / Hulior d'Auroy
    Sarah Thorpe 22 Allround Rider and Groom PCRA Monaco / Eastbourgh's Miss Ireland
    Fred Johnson 63 Trainer/ Instructor (PT) Eastbourgh's Watcher On The Wall

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    The Hall of Fame
    There are special horses at every stable, Unfortunately horses are never around forever. Here are the Big Names from the Eastbourgh Stud that are retired or no longer with us.

    Name Discipline Titles Status About
    Eastbourgh Showjumping ~~ Retired Eastbourgh was Charlotte's First real showjumper, he took her up the ranks and taught her everything she knows. There would be no Eastbourgh Stud Without him.

  • New Year Review 2016 - 2017
    This is a late review of 2016, showing all the horse's of the Eastbourgh Stud. This reveiw will take place every new year and will be posted new years day Slaps self.

    The Horses of 2016

    0_1484399906646_SAEC Empirica.png
    SAEC Empirica

    The last time you probably saw this mare was in the Birkenhead international trials where she was flying round the cross country course. She is a remarkable mare, coming back from having a foal to high level eventing in a short space of time. She retired on a high, achieving a State champion title and retiring on the Top of her game i can honestly say that she has put us on the map in the eventing world and it was sad to see her retire but we are excited for her second foal who is due very soon.

    0_1484401816398_Hulior D'Allroy.png
    Hulior D'Auroy

    I feel exceptionally fortunate to own this stallion, he has been a lot of hard work but it has really paid off. He came to us pretty green for a horse of his age and breeding. He was competing up to 1.30-.140 due to having a lot of time off at his previous home due to poor feet. We have worked very closely with our farrier to get his feet right and build him up gradually. Towards the end of the year our farrier gave us the go ahead to qualify him for Grandprix and is confident that his feet will hold out with the right care. On the last show of 2016 he finally qualified for the Grandprix Classes and i am so excited to see him in the level he belongs.

    Eastbourgh's Organised Chaos

    Being one of the original 6 horses we imported from Ireland Chaos has certainly lived up to his name. Given his attitude and size i am surprised how successful he has been, standing at only 15.3 he has popped some of the biggest cross country fences in training like they where nothing. He is not the easiest of rides, will mess around big time schooling, purposely kicks down poles in jump training and is very strong across country. But when it matters he is a Gem, whilst competing he doesn't get up to any antics except for being strong across country but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. So far he has racked up 68 points and is ready to go into the new season.

    Eastbourgh's Piaras

    Another one of the original six he has had an up and down year. He has had some really green shows but he has also had some very good shows, i am hoping that he continues to improve. Due to the structure of the shows where they have to start really low he didn't have the best of starts, not enjoying low level classes enough to put any effort in. He slowly moved up the ranks and is now at more of a reasonable level for him where he can put the effort in. Last year he managed to get 50 points. (It is hard to write about a horse that is based off your RL horse)

    0_1484403682596_miss ireland.png
    Eastbourgh's Miss Ireland

    My sweet little bundle off energy. The TB blood in this ISH has really taken over in not only looks but personality making her the perfect mount for Sarah Thorpe who used to be a work rider at newmarket. They get on like a house on fire, this mare is a real pain to manage, drops weight easily, doesn't like being stabled, doesn't like being in the field, you really can't win with her but she has the talent to make up for all of it. Ridden, she really wants to please but with that can try a little too hard. She has been very successful, even with her quirks and has also earned 68 points and a Regional Champion title.

    Eastbourgh's Thyme

    I'm pretty sure Thyme is the only horse from the Original six that i have never posted a picture of, even though she is such a pretty mare. We haven't yet found her a perfect rider, and she was always switched around with riders whilst competing and for that reason only has 24 points to her name. We are actively searching for the perfect rider for her as she is such a lovely mare.

    0_1484414360449_Eastbourgh's Novella.png
    Eastbourgh's Novella

    The 5th horse of the original six, Novella's Season was relatively successful she has earned 48 points so far and is looking promising for next season. She had taken the longest out of all our horses to get fit due to being massively under muscled when she arived. She was also very stiff so has had to have a lot of therapy and massage work done. So considering her later start to competing she has done amazingly well and is looking good now.

    0_1484414891012_dark dreams.png
    Eastbourgh's Dark Dreams

    I love this mare, the last of the original six. Despite not having a regular rider she has had some cracking rounds. She has also had some Hairy rounds but who doesnt? She is the sort of horse that doesn't like to hit a pole, once one goes there is guaranteed to be more to follow. She is ever so talented but the smallest error from the rider she will make you pay. But in the right hands she will be so successful, even without a regular rider she has earned herself 52 points and a regional Champion Title.

    0_1484415476270_Sterlings Stardust Girl Jan17.png
    Sterling's Stardust Girl

    This is a mare who has shown she has got real potential for when she calms down and matures a little. She has a lot of scope and is amazing against the Clock but does have a tendency to "Explode" slightly when she gets into the ring through sheer excitement. But she is only 8 and has a lot of growing up to do.

    0_1484415883889_Bliss Du Hali.png
    Bliss Du Hali

    Bliss was a bit of an experiment, with Good showjumping and eventing lines we decided to duel register her.. It has gone amazingly well, she has 49 points in eventing and 55 in showjumping. I hope she continues on this trend, it is rare for her not to place and she seems to be earning titles very quickly. She is probably the most successful horse at Eastbourgh.

    0_1484416265223_PCRA Monacco Jan17.png
    PCRA Monacco

    Montie is another small horse with a big heart and a yard Favourite, he always enjoys a cuddle and is very well mannered which is rare in a stallion. Due to his age we haven't tried him over anything massive yet but he has jumped 1.20m with ease so we are hoping that his height wont restrict him as he loves his job.

    New for 2017

    0_1484416641674_Eastbourgh's Watcher on the Wall.png
    Eastbourgh's Watcher On The Wall

    SAEC Empirica's First foal. He came of age to catch the last two events of the season so isn't new as such but wasn't competing much in 2016 either. He has impeccable bloodlines with his father being MSE Wheels Of Time an international eventing champion. This is one exciting colt, we are just hoping his mane grows back enough to plait after being eaten by another youngster.

    0_1484416990581_belive in hell.png
    Draconis Believe in Hell

    Another horse who isn't strictly new, She caught about two shows before the season ended so has competed in 2016 but not much. This young mare does live up to her name, she is not the easiest of horses in general but has talented lines so we hope she will grow out of it.
    MHS Hellibrawn x WSLW Believe It

    0_1484417154063_PSS Concept.png
    PSS Concept

    She is still awaiting registration approval but i hope she will be out competing with the rest of our showjumpers soon.
    Pss Alfie x Pss Contessa II

    0_1484419061235_RFE Trifolga Luna Jan17.png
    RFE Trifoglia Luna

    This lovely Traditional Irish sports horse mare will be joining both our Showjumping team and our Eventing team.
    Rohirrim's Moonless Night x Oak Wood's RFE Four Leaf Clover

    0_1484417364384_Cash for Gold REC.png
    Cash for gold REC

    Our newest arrival at Eastbourgh, this lovely little boy will be joining out eventing team.
    Imperial Ghost REC x Not Another Diva SHS

    That took a long time to write... If you got this far, thanks for reading :) Comments are always appreciated :heartbeat:

  • Diiiid someone say "Irish Sport Horses"?
    Baby girl Luna aw :heart_decoration:

  • PR Committee

    Oh wow! You have so many gorgeous horses. I love the look of your ISHs they have a lot of TB influence which I love :heart: can't wait to see more. It seems like 2016 was pretty successful for you. I hope this year will be the same.

  • @Lidija-Rotherford
    Yeeeaaahhh Irish Sport Horses will soon take over ; )
    Luna is such a cutie < 3

    Thank you, TB blood makes everything more exciting : P And thank you, wishing you a good year also : )

  • I like Concept's head, it has beautiful shape.

  • @Constantine-Vale Thankyou, i agree she is a very pretty little mare :3 :)

  • Really agree with Constantine, the shape of Concept's head is gorgeous <3 I'm very impressed with how creative you are with your horses' personalities, I can really picture them clearly in my head :)

  • @Iris-Hammel Thankyou, i can't wait to establish them even more :)

  • ♕ 2017. Ardorwen Dressage Challenge
    0_1484833466139_eastie Dressage.png

    "Out of interest..." Charlotte looked round to see her sister looking over the screen of her laptop at her,
    "what?" She replied slowly, trying to read the expression on Angie's face.
    Angie took a sip of tea before replying, "If there was a fun dressage show on when you weren't busy... would you try it?"
    "Yeah i guess but im always busy, you know how many horses there are to work now"
    "I know... Who would you do it on?"
    Charlotte thought for a second, "what are you doing?" she replied sharply, "You know i haven't got the time or the horse to do it on"
    "I know, its just that all the competition horse's are having their backs checked the day before so you wouldn't have anything to exercise that day.
    "Well there you go, there wouldn't be any horses to take"
    Angie paused, "There is one"
    Charlotte didn't know how to reply, "Well for starters he Is 21! Not to mention i can't remember the last time i actually schooled him.. And can you remember the last time i took him to a dressage show?!"
    "It would do him good to get out, he is bored. Even Fred agrees that you should take him, and it would be good to the stud to be seen at something other than eventing or jumping for once."
    "You are kidding me, im not doing it" Charlotte replied firmly.
    "Too late.. You are already entered. You have two weeks to get him ready" Angie said with a smirk before leaving the room.

  • Eastbourgh's Empris
    Eastbourgh's Organised Chaos x SAEC Empirica
    SAEC Empirica and Eastbourgh's Empris

    SAEC Empirica Seems to have the best timing when dropping her foals, for a start she was quite late, delaying the move to our new facility and then the night she decides to give birth was one of the coldest on records, Despite this she gave birth safely and the foal was healthy. A little filly who we have named
    Eastbourgh's Empris she was born jet black apart from the grey hairs in her tail. She is now a few weeks old and is already growing up quickly, she has started to grey out and is showing quite a cheeky personality, even starting to tire out Empricia who is very patient.

  • New Arrivals
    alt text

    Today we welcome some new members to Team Eastbourgh, the first Fred Johnson who has been with us for about a month, Fred is an asset to the stud. His equine Career started in his teens where he was a stable lad at a newmarket racing yard. He became a jump jockey at 18 and raced up until he was 25. At 26 he transitioned into Eventing and showjumping with a yard full of exracehorses who where too slow. Most of these thoroughbreds where retrained and sold to new homes where they competed at a local level. Fred kept the more talented animals competing them himself and climbed up the Eventing ranks. At 32 he was competing regularly at 4 star level including wins at Badminton and Burghley horse trials. Though he is an Eventer at heart he was still successful in showjumping, competing across Europe and even jumping the Hickstead Derby a 5 times. Now retired from high level compertition he Trains the Eastbourgh staff and plays a big part in the management of the yard and equine Welfare.

    The other new member of staff is Thomas Herring, standing at 6ft3 he makes any horse he rides look small. Growing up in the same area as the Newbridge family he often competed against Charlotte making them arch enemies as teenagers. Now he rides both Showjumping and Eventing at Eastbourgh riding some of the bigger stronger horses. Even though they work together and are on the same team, Thomas and Charlotte are still extremely competitive.

    Last but not least is Camira Decs, a 16.3 black irish sports horse mare who was bred by @Dorms-Dequine . She has proven to be a very sweet mare but is a very strong ride. She tends to Fire at the jumps causing her to jump flat which has cost her some poles in the past.
    In this training session with Sterling's stardust girl the aim was to teach slow the mare's down a bit by a range of grids making them think a bit more. Both mares had similar problems however Camira Decs's was more about her Greenness as she is quite young, she started to come round to the idea and is gaining confidence jumping from a shorter stride.
    Sterling's Stardust Girl is currently competing at 1.30/1.40 and is generally more of a nutter, getting over excited she has been known to bronc up to jumps and launch 3 strides out. The gridwork made the thoroughbred mare have to focus on the jumps rather than getting over excited.

  • love this edit! Love the chilly atmosphere!

  • Beautiful picture, it has a nice oil painting feel to it

  • I love the backstories you've given to the humans at Eastbourgh, as well as the horses, of course. It will be fun to see the competitive nature between Thomas and Charlotte play out now that they're on the same team! Neeve is totally right about this shot; that chilly atmosphere is so fantastic!

  • @Neeve-Kalford Thank you :D

    @Cole-Tieman Thank you :blush:

    @Erin-Ward Thank you, i am also looking forward to having a bit of fun with these characters ;)

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  • @Bree-Asgard Thank you, i agree with you about the names on a spreadsheet, i find it so fun to mess with my sims a bit and give them real life struggles as well as riding my ponies :joy:

  • So beautiful

  • I have to join in on the backstory-loving choir, it makes it easier to remember the characters and you are more eager to learn more about them!

    Your sims are very nice with much details btw :ok_hand:

  • @Mira-Green Thankyou :)
    @Merida-Dahmer Thankyou! :heart:

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