[ENDED] Multi-Breed Auction

  • I'm about to get wordy - please forgive me lol
    My computer hasn't been able to run the sims for probably... eight months now? So these horses have all just been sitting on my account, I haven't had the heart to even enter them in R shows. The prices will be reasonable because honestly I just want them to go to people who can put some time into them. This auction won't be anything fancy for the same reasons.

    I'm hoping to get a new laptop in about two months. I'm moving cross country (for the third time since I joined equus, lol) so I want to find a job and get settled in, etc. and then I'll be starting over on equus with the couple of horses I decide to keep :) I want to keep my stable small and manageable with about 6 or so horses. I'm thinking I really want to go for realism with several different breeds who all compete with their respective leasers (sims) and try to focus more on showing, less on breeding.

    The exciting thing about this move is that I found a barn where I can take lessons! I've never had a horse or done much riding outside of camp lol - my family could never afford it. So this is pretty much a dream come true for me! I'm 22 but I mean, never too late to start, right? The lesson horses are all Tennessee Walkers, which is super cool. Once I start to get the basics we can start working on Western Pleasure and idk I've just been blabbing about it for like, a week now


    • Don't change the prefix

    • Don't copy the conformation/coat or claim as your own

    • Don't change the conformation/coat (this excludes small details such as shine, mane, tail, etc)

    • Payment must be sent within one week of the end of the auction

    You guys know the rules just be courteous
    (feel free to change disciplines)

    I will be adding new horses periodically as I hear back from owners (want to make sure no one wants to reclaim them)
    If you want additional info on a horse, feel free to ask

    Minimum Bid Increase: 500 !

    AAS Forgot the General Lee Reclaimed by Owner
    alt text

    3rd Gen APH Stallion
    Comes with main site profile
    Custom markings!
    Has some points on the western trail and mountain trail leaderboards
    SB: 4k

    GR's Keep Blushing Susannah
    alt text

    3rd Gen AQH Mare
    Comes with main site profile
    Has some points on the cutting and working cow horse leaderboards, if I'm not mistaken
    SB: 2k

    Hollow's Dead Ringer
    alt text

    Foundation Missouri Foxtrotter Mare
    Does not come with main site profile (but isn't she cute? I know you want to show her!)
    SB: 1k

    THE FOLLOWING ARE MAIN SITE PROFILES ONLY - i've lost the files :( But on the bright side, you can have some fun with creating your own horse
    You are welcome to change the name and details (if this is against the rules, someone please let me know)
    All are foundation
    Starting bid : 200 each
    *with the exception of the TB Gelding - he's free

    Mustang Stallion
    (Showing at L2 in both Reining and Barrels/Poles)

    Spanish Mustang Mare

    TB Stallion
    (L2 in Flat Racing)

    TB Mare

    TB Gelding*

    APH Mare #1
    (L3 in Western Pleasure)

    APH Mare #2
    (L3 in Western Pleasure, L2 in Western Trail)

  • SB for they:

    Hollow's Dead Ringer
    TB Mare
    TB Stallion
    TB Gelding
    Spanish Mustang Mare
    Mustang Stallion

  • Thank you, Irene
    Bid accepted

  • @Angeles-Dunn you're welcome. I really look forward to bidding on the other two horses, but I'm trying not to compete in western disciplines.

  • Bid for GR's Keep Blushing Susannah: 3,000

  • @Irene-Crownguard 24 hours are up and you win! you can send me your e-mail whenever you get the chance :) total price for all of them will be 1.8k

    also are you suuure you don't want to try western? i can't convince ya? lol

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Angeles-Dunn No, no, no ... you do not try to convince me, please. I am very weak in buying horses.
    (payment sent ;) )

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