[FOUND] Thoroughbred mares

  • Hello everyone!

    I'm currently in search of several flat racing thoroughbred fillies/mares to round out my flat racing team. While I would prefer those who are already titled, untitled mares who receive pedigree points in racing I will look at as well. I'm willing to look at foundations, but I'm going to be much pickier about those than anything with a pedigree!

    We're looking to expand our thoroughbred program, as several of our broodmares are about ready for retirement, and are searching for competition mares with plans to breed later on(not before the 100-150 pt mark) in order to continue our program, as well as add an OTTB program :)

    If you have any fillies or mares who either receive flat racing pedigree points, or are titled in flat racing, please post here, PM me on the forum, or DM me on slack. Price is not an object for a quality thoroughbred mare.

    Thank you!

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