♛ Royal Elite Stud Album ♛ / 07.11 / Pretty Mare

  • ♛ W E L C O M E ♛

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    The Royal Elite Stud has existed since 2015 and currently has only warmbloods. We are a tournament and breeding stall.
    We are located in the pretty Italy, Rom and we are currently only 3 people, since the stall was rebuilt and we now start a new beginning.

    ♛ OUR HORSES ♛

    ♛ MARES ♛

    Name Breed Gender Discipline Photo
    TJS Good Game Trakehner Mare Dressage 0_1562695333892_20280501_1893018457688866_4267762383928527935_o.jpg
    IVH Kaleika German Riding Horse Mare Show Jumping 0_1562695191347_IMG_4660.JPG
    RGH Daria Hanoverian Mare Eventing 0_1562695222664_Screenshot-81.jpg
    Allegra von Edelweiß Haflinger Mare Dressage 0_1562695349966_21199565_1911454995845212_6751328575097708622_o.jpg
    Elwira von Edelweiß Haflinger Mare Show Jumping 0_1562695362161_21199565_1911454995845212_6751328575097708622_o.jpg


    Name Breed Gender Discipline Photo
    GRS Atletico Polish Warmblood Stallion Eventing 0_1562695416773_Screenshot-14__1_.JPG

    ♛ STAFF ♛

    Name Age Gender Discipline
    Lauren Goldtree 24 Female Show Jumping / Dressage
    Mira Marlor 19 Female Eventing
    Liz Grey 21 Female Show Jumping / Eventing


  • Now I can show you all our horses, first I have problems with put the pictures here in :smiley:

    GRS Atletico

    Bild Text

    PPC Desert Angel

    Bild Text

    TJS Good Game

    Bild Text

    How do you like my horses?

  • Your horses are very beautiful!

  • @Samantha-Jadirea thank you ❤️

  • TJS Good Game with Mira Marlor at the dressage tournament

    alt text

    LFF Madame Tussaud again with Mira Marlor at the dressage tournament

    alt text

    And the last one LFF Elisabeth II with Mira Marlor at the dressage tournament

    alt text

  • Our German Riding Pony with Liz Grey on a show jumping tournament! :)
    alt text

    And a new German Riding Pony Stallion! :3
    alt text

  • You have so many beautiful horses can't even pick a favorite! The new stallion looks stunning <3

  • @Nicole-Löffler thank you ❤️

  • Look at this two amazing new Haflinger mares :heart:
    Thank you @Nicole-Löffler for the new Logo it looks great on my pics! :)

    alt text

    Background by: Sam Willow ;)

  • I love the angles you take your pics. It. somehow makes them unique and interesting. Can't wait to see more.

  • @Jase-Sunshine thank you very much! :)

  • Our first German Riding Pony foal from our mare PPC Desert Angel :heart:

    alt text

    And we have our first Haflinger stallion, Ocean Pearl's Tristan from @Nicole-Löffler :heart:

    alt text

  • Oh my Lord he looks gorgeous! Love to see him have so much fun<3

  • Lovely photographs!

  • Our last ponys have arrived :heart:

    alt text

  • Né à vivre :heart:

    alt text

  • Finally back!

    Hey, guys,
    after two years I can finally play Sims again and I am so happy to show you a new picture. This time again from our beautiful TJS Good Game. Soon we will go to tournaments again, but until that time we have to rebuild our stable.
    See you soon!

    alt text

  • This post is deleted!

  • Nice to see you here again :D welcome back!

  • Competition Committee

    Stunning :sparkles:

  • Great Outfit

    TJS Good Game had a photo shoot in her training outfit today, doesn't look she beautiful?

    (Tail is from Wester Drumlins)


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