[ENDED] Titled 2nd Gen Dutch Warmblood

    Summer 2017 Warmblood Auction
    This auction will end 8/21, but if bids are placed on the horse on that day, it will turn into a 24hr ALB.

    -Do not put this horse up for mass download.
    -Active show homes are a must!
    -If you go inactive for four RL months without warning(no show entries, scrapbook updates, forum posts, etc) then I reserve the right to reclaim the horse, and you will be sent a message explaining the situation. I would just like them to be kept actively competing is all <3
    -Please do not use the horse's coat or conformation as any sort of template
    -All grey horses will be sent with a fully greyed coat, and you can tweak the in-between phases as you like!
    -Stallions can be gelded, and disciplines can be changed! I only ask that they remain active
    -I do ask that mares are given a chance to compete before bred, unless an embryo transfer is used. All horses require active show homes unless stated otherwise.

    The Horses

    alt text
    Silver's Cashmere
    6 year old Stallion by Silver's Pegasus, and out of Silver's Red Dead Redemption - receives +4 in show jumping, and +5 in eventing
    47 points in show jumping
    80 points in eventing
    Extra Images: Conformation 1, Conformation 2, Movement

    Cashmere was recently returned to us, and is searching for his next show home. With his flashy looks and big gaits, this guy could continue his career in any direction. As he's grown up, Cash has really come out of his shell, and is now bolder, and more forward than he was as a youngster. He has his sire's elegant head and even temperament, but definitely has a little bit of his dam's spunk, which we've noticed when he's feeling particularly playful(he also enjoys stealing things so keep the area around his stall clear).

    Starting Bid - $8,000
    Minimum bid increment - $1,000

  • SB on Silver's Cashmere! :heart:

  • Bid accepted! :)

  • 9k for Silver's Cashmere <3

  • 10k! :moneybag:

  • 11k :dollar:

  • 12k on Cashmere! :)

  • 13 k! :)

  • 14k :moneybag:

  • Banned

    15k :relaxed:

  • 18k :moneybag:

  • All bids accepted, this is now a 24 hr ALB auction :)

  • @Cecilija-Zdrawka said in [ENDS 24hr ALB] Titled 2nd Gen Dutch Warmblood:

    18k :moneybag:

    Silver's Cashmere as been sold to you! If you could PM me your email address, and send the money, I'll send his file over! :)

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