German riding pony outcrosses

  • Ive just realised that there are no GRP outcrosses listed in the master breed list. Are these able to be added or should i do some research and post here? Thanks in advance :)

  • I think that you should do research and post it here :)

  • Welsh sec Bs (as well as other native ponies) are commonly outcrossed to German Riding ponies to keep the true"pony" type - a good German Riding pony has a small pony head (a common mistake I see is warmblood templates being shrunk down to pony size, while yes, you may have the pony size you lack the pony characteristics, but that is just my personal opinion and a story for another day) :smiley_cat: its important to keep the pony type and not breed back too much with warmbloods, although it is allowed it's not desirable - from my understanding outcrosses can include all sport/ riding ponies, native ponies, Arabs, TBs and warmbloods although ponies are preferred to keep the pony character.

    In my own breeding program for outcrosses I use Welsh Sec Bs and New Forest ponies, sometimes connemara, I personally don't use pure bred Arabs as I find if I want to keep a true pony head welsh ponies are a much better source! :relaxed:

    Some more info here!

  • Thanks so much Tasha! Ive done some research my self and found the same thing :) Would it be possible for the breed committee to review this. Would be great if these could be added to the accepted out crosses.
    sport/ riding ponies
    native ponies
    Anglo Arabians

  • Approved

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