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  • Hello everyone, about a week ago I posted a breeding topic with some of my stallions for stud. I posted it and noticed that one of the picture's wasn't centered so I went in and centered it, when I went and looked back at the topic everything went weird some of the text is bolded and some of the pictures I had centered became uncentered. I made a reserved post and that also went weird my profile picture became huge. Now I'm not able to edit the topic or reply to it, so I can't delete the post, I tried contacting the equus admin but does anyone know what I should do/try?

  • @Zinnia-Arvi Uh, oh, never had that happen! Just wait for an admin because if you cannot edit it or access it then there's not much you can do! :laughing:

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    I couldn't salvage the post - admin use the same edit tools as everyone else and something in the formatting was preventing that tool menu from opening.

    Here is the text you posted, minus formatting. My suggestion is to step with extreme caution around centering, and be sure to open and close center brackets so they don't stack and get weird. Or just avoid centering altogether. I promise people will still be able to see your horses if they're left-aligned :)

    Rocky Mountain Estates
    Stallions For Stud
    As the summer starts to slip away our horses begin to grow there fuzzy winter coats, they patiently wait for there winter vacation to start. Our best stallions begin to go up for stud privately and publicly, most years they stay private making sure their bloodlines remain rare. But finally after years of staying private we've decided to offer our best stallions to the public. Each stallion presented today has been selectively picked out of the barn because of their talents, impressive bloodlines, and excellent offspring they've produced. We hope as you walk down our barn hallways you'll find a stallion right for your mare.
    alt text
    Meet RFE Tuoi Segreti (aka Eddy), he is a 16hh bay Irish Draught. His dam is AC/RFE Truth is Beauty and his Sire is RFE Radenskyar. Eddy is our lovely dressage stallion, for awhile now he's been competing at the highest level Irish Draught's can compete up to. Eddy currently holds 90 points in his discipline. His work ethic is absolutely amazing, he is a quick learner and performs each movement with as much grace as possible. Eddy has sired two talented Irish Sport Horses RME Iridescent, and RME Piccolo Segreto. Both horses received Eddy's calm and obedient disposition making them excellent riding horses.
    Some information about choosing RFE Tuoi Segreti as a stud for your mare: Eddy has 3 slots available at this time, the offspring have to be either an Irish Draught or an Irish Sport Horse. His stud fee will be $10 000.
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    RME Surf 'N Passion
    Meet our 16.3hh bay Danish Warmblood, RME Surf 'N Passion or Sail. Sail is 3rd generation, his dam is ACT Surf N Turf and his sire is LMEC Night of Passion. He's been competing in Eventing and has 53 points, he comes from a long line of succesful Eventers, Show Jumpers, and his dam competed in Dressage. Sail is built like a true athlete, he is tall but narrow, -thanks to his thoroughbred dam- his long legs help him go quickly around the cross country course and his powerful haunches help him perform difficult dressage movements, and leap over big jumps. Sail has a very stallion personality, whenever he senses a mare nearby he neighs as loud as possible and (I know it sounds ridiculous)piaffe's around. But he'd never do anything to hurt a person or another horse, he is a complete love bug and can be shy at times to new people. Sail already has two offspring, a filly RME Soleil, and a colt RME St. Emilion.
    Some information about choosing RME Surf 'N Passion for your mare: Sail will have 2 slots available and a couple more might open up as he earns more points. The foal will have to be a Danish Warmblood (in order to keep this all realistic!) and the name will have to start with an "S". His stud fee will be $13 000.
    alt text
    alt text
    CMS Dragonfly Days
    Meet CMS Dragonfly Days also known around the barn as Dragon, is a 16.3hh pushing 17hh grey Grade horse. Dragon is a excellent show hunter and has been competing in show hunters for many years (real life and in game), he now holds 168 points at his ripe age of 14 years old. His breed mixing's are Throughbred x Warmblood x Quarter Horse. He is competing at high performance and is able to go up to handy, Dragon is an excellent jumper and he has free jumped up to 5'3ft. Although Dragon is a stallion he acts as though he's a gelding, he doesn't even blink if he walks by a mare. He's sired three horses, two with the potential in show hunters, and one bred for show jumping. None of his offspring have started competing, well one has but sadly she was sold to a member who went inactive.
    Some infomation about choosing CMS Dragonfly Days for your mare: Dragon will have 4 slots available, the foal can be whichever breed you choose or then a Grade horse, the foal's name will have to start with a "D". Lastly his stud fee will be $12 000.
    alt text
    Some Rules
    Please keep my prefix RME
    When registering the horse put my ID #4670 as the creator ID
    I will be creating the horse
    I'll only need a conformation picture and genotype of your mare
    Please send your application into the comments
    You can make adjustments to the horse's mane and tail style, minor adjustments to the horse's conformation and coat.
    Feel free to change the horse's name but please tell me first.
    Once your accepted I'll PM you and ask for your email so I can send your foal.
    Application Form
    Your Mare's Name:
    Your Mare's Genotype and Color:
    Your Mare's Conformation Picture:
    Your Mare's Breed:
    Special Requests for you foal (like certain markings, coat colors, and conformation types you want.):

  • One thing I've found with the centre tags is you need to be very particular about the spaces before/after the tags and between lines. Otherwise they go really silly if you leave out the spaces. I've had posts almost as messed up as that one due to it, but fortunately I was able to fix them.

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