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    Hello welcome to my blog! I've been a member of Equus since 2012 but I took a huge break from 2013 to 2017. I rejoined at the beginning of the summer 2017 unsure if I was going to stick around but I've been having a great time so I hope to stay! I mainly post on Equus-Sims but I'll try to update here as well. My stables are a huge WIP but once I finish, I hope to breed quality hanoverians. :blush:

  • Show Jumping

    Reg. # Name Breed Gender Color
    29871 Amata KF Hanoverian Mare White Grey
    29870 Nilona KF Hanoverian Mare Dark Bay
    30084 Finnigan KF Hanoverian Stallion Bay


    Reg. # Name Breed Gender Color
    29889 SER Suhaib Arabian (SEA) Stallion White Grey
    0000 Kinematics KF Hanoverian Stallion Black
    29868 Benicio KF Hanoverian Stallion Liver Chestnut
    0000 SLS Mildred Hanoverian Mare Fleabitten Grey

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  • Hanoverians

    alt text
    Benicio KF
    Liver chestnut 2012 Hanoverian stallon

    alt text

    alt text
    High Style KF
    Dappled bay 2009 Hanoverian mare

    alt text
    Amata KF
    White grey 2012 Hanoverian mare

    I hope you guys will excuse the odd formatting as I'm still adjusting to the format here^^

  • Gorgeous pictures! Welcome back :)

  • Welcome back!!! Benicio KF is absolutely to DIE for! Don't check my barn if he goes missing! lol :smirk:

  • Welcome back! I don't think I recognize or knew you from before but you have some gorgeous horses regardless! I love how detailed your coats are! The dapples and markings on Benicio are to die for! I want to snatch him up!

  • Oh my goodness! These are beautiful. What a gorgeous start to your new scrapbook. Totally in love <3

  • Bookmarked!!

  • :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

  • stunning horses and this editing maaan 😍

  • Waaaaaaaaaaa I didn't expect to be so well recieved! I don't think I'm especially skilled at making horses and editing so I'm really glad you guys like them so much :sparkling_heart:

    @Samantha-Jadirea Thank you! It's good to be back! So much has changed :blush:

    @Michelle-Frohman Thank you so much! I've finally come out of lurking on here and I'll be sure to keep a close watch on him haha :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

    @Johanna-Masters Haha thank you! To be honest I don't think anyone here could recognize me because my game was also breaking down so I went through a lot of name changes. :sweat_smile:

    @Neeve-Kalford Thank you! :grin:

    @Mira-Green Thanks!

    @Nicole-Löffler Awww thank you! :blush:

    @Jade-Nguyen Haha thank you!

  • Hello hello its been a while! Sorta. Life has been really hectic since school started for me again and senioritis is hitting me really hard :grimacing: But I was able to find the time to enter the Texas Rose Horse Show over on Equus-Sims and make a few edits. I never actually intended to enter it because I still hadn't come up with new characters Kincain Farms but at the last minute I made 2 sims on a whim and in the end I actually really love them. I've never really written anything so I don't think I'm very good it it yet actually enjoyed writing these so I'm looking forward to developing these two and my writing much more. (Might change names around but I'm not too sure yet) Anyways here comes a long post of Texas Rose spam so I hope you guys enjoy :blush:

    Texas Rose

    alt text
    alt text

    "Well this is a pleasant change eh? Seeing his sister at ease for once put a smile on Harris's face. Thinking about it, he realized that Marcela's face had been locked into a permanent grimace ever since she took over management of the family farm. It wasn't that she didn't love her work, in fact she loved it, being around horses and all. Even so, work is work and it was taking a toll on her on top of trying to raise two kids. "Gosh Harris I love spending time with my most favorite brother on this entire planet." Harris did his best impersonation of his sister, breaking the silence.

    "You are the most annoying brother on this entire planet."

    "Haha but I did get your attention Mar." Harris loved making fun of his older sister even at the age of 33. She was 4 years older than him but they had always gotten along like twins. The only thing making him happier was competing alongside her once again. Marcela had stepped out of the show ring when she took over the farm a decade ago, leaving Harris to pursue his competitive riding career. The years had treated him well, showering him with plenty of money, titled horses, and of course the adoring women but his fondest memories had always been in his younger days competing with Marcela.

    "So do you plan on warming up or are you just going to have Koko walk the entire course." With Marcela's infamous eyeroll-smirk combo, Harris snapped back to the present and urged his mount on, responding to his sister in his best and most proper voice.

    "But of course dearest sister."

    alt text

    alt text

    "Well we must look crazy hm?" Marcela pondered aloud to her brother, resting her chin in her palm as she sat on a bale of hay in the warm up arena. She hadn't originally planned on coming to the show but a family emergency had brought her to Texas all the way from California and it was only wise to make the most out of the circumstances. Usually accompanied by a whole entourage of grooms, riders, vets, and screaming children, Marcela was only accompanied by her brother this time, a much welcome change.

    "No kidding. We stick out like sore thumbs." Harris chuckled. Texas was scorching and here the two were dressed in long sleeves and pants. "Guess that's what get for being born and raised Californians huh? We've got some pretty weird perceptions of weather."

    Amused by her brother's remarks, Marcela chuckled and looked around her. It was so nice for some peace and quiet. Her father had retired 10 years prior, passing down the family farm to her, subsequently filling up her days with a whole new arsenal of duties including management and interacting with snobbish horsefolk. Mucking around the farm with the horses was no problem but Marcela detested the meaningless prattle with elites. Coming out to Texas with only 2 horses and her brother was a dream getaway. It was like the old days, just her and Harris, constantly trying to one up each other at every show.

    alt text

    To be honest, it had been years since Marcela had been in the show ring. She and her brother Harris had been starlets in the show jumping community during their younger years. They had been known as the dynamic duo brother and sister, never seen at shows without each other. However things change and Marcela, being the oldest, had to take over management of the farm when her father had retired, putting her show career permanently on pause while Harris continued his career without her. Though she missed competing greatly, could never bring herself to be jealous of Harris. He was doing what he loved most.

    Being back in the ring excited Marcela. That pre-show prickle was still there even after all these years. She smiled down at her mount, Amata, a creamy grey Hanoverian mare who was known for her lovely demeanor. It was her first show and Marcela's first in nearly 7 years.

    "I'm not entirely sure if the yellow and black tack is exactly my cup of tea Ama, but maybe the odds will sway in our favor after all."

  • https://i.imgur.com/lzHhcTX.png
    Welcome to Kincain Farm. We specialize in breeding hanoverians and we hope to be doing business with you soon...

    alt text
    My two main characters, Marcela and Alec Kain. I'm still developing them so I've been doing the Lookbook Challenge over on Equus-Sims with them to get a better feel for their personalities. They're siblings (I'm still fiddling around with ages) and for now they are 36 and 33. Marcela (Marcie) is the current owner and overall manager of the farm while Alec competes in show jumping.

    alt textThe main barn

    alt textFinnigan (we all call him Finny) is the new youngster in the barn so I was hoping to get some good conformation shots of him for Marcie. He seems to be to have other interests though... (specifically those named Ama)

    alt textFinnigan KF

    alt textSER Suhaib

    I finally got reshade to work so I've been messing around with minimal editing and tbh I really like it! I'm loving the dark green vibe I'm getting with this new farm so expect to see more! (until I decide to change my aesthetic that is haha)

  • That barn really looks stunning! And your horses really are beautiful <3
    May I ask where you're from? :D

  • wow this is so amazing! love the angles and the editing :)

  • Your photos are beautiful! I cannot get the right feel with my Reshade so I removed it :(

  • @Claire-von-Hohenfeld Thank you! :smile: I'm gonna assume you mean where I'm from irl and thats Southern California!

    @Jade-Nguyen Thank you! I noticed your last name and if you don't mind me asking, do you happen to be Vietnamese? I am and I've never met another Viet person who's into horses :sweat_smile:

    @Lidija-Rotherford Thank you! I haven't totally figured it out yet but I'm pretty happy with my preset. If you're interested I'd be glad to share it with you :smiley:

  • Wonderful pictures :heart_eyes: Editing, colors, horses... love it!

  • @Jade-Nguyen Thank you! I noticed your last name and if you don't mind me asking, do you happen to be Vietnamese? I am and I've never met another Viet person who's into horses :sweat_smile:

    Unfortunately i am not :c i chose this name due to my love for the Jade Nguyen character 😊
    But it is so cool to know that you are :heart_eyes:

  • @Jade-Nguyen Oh wow I never knew there's a half Viet DC character! Thats really cool! :smiley:

    Senior year and applying for college has been kicking my butt but I was able to find the time to create a few entries for the breeder's showcase over on ES. :smile: We've recently purchased a few new Hanoverians from a few members but I'm holding off on introducing them until I can find the time to write out their stories. :sweat_smile: I hope you guys will enjoy our entries featuring Nilona KF, SER Suhaib, and Benicio KF~

    Spruce Meadows Breeder's Showcase

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

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