Tyne Creek Ranch || The yearlings (again)

  • Details about Hobbit.

    Name: D/Z Watch me Nae Nae
    Barn Name: Hobbit
    Breed: American Paint Horse
    Age: 1 1/2 y/o
    Sex: Stallion
    Colour: Amber Champagne Overo
    Genotype: Ee Aa nCh nO
    Height: /cm ('")

    Discipline: Reining & Cutting

    Sire: Watch me Babygirl
    Dam: It's your Nanny

    Owner: Francesca Díaz

    Hobbit does not really deserve his name. Although still so young, he is already shooting high. But he just fit, because he is a bright and curious young stallion, playful and does not take training too seriously. Adequate training so that he can still be a foal.
    He gets used to new things quickly. He likes dogs, other horses and the new environment was not a problem.
    At first he showed no interest in Toschi and Ahiga, later he got acquainted with them carefully. Whiskey against it? He probably thought, with a peer, you can handle a bit harsher. Hobbit did not seem to mind, he returned the impudence. In that case, it's just as rough a diamond as Whiskey.
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  • A wild Ride

    Where should I start? The last days were a bit stressful. For one thing, it's normal, after all, it's time for Christmas. On the other hand, I have a little more to my ears than others. However, one by one.
    As for my horses? Everything is going wonderfully, more or less. The boys have a winter break, only light training is required. Most of the time, however, they are spending their time in the pastures. They get along, but there are a few minor friction issues. Ahiga, otherwise the boss in the herds, has to assert himself again and again, because Toschi is also quite dominant. Luckily, but also lazy, so he gives in quickly and rather seeks the last blades of grass. Whiskey and Hobbit often annoy each other, but more like brothers. Playful, not serious. Whiskey likes to play with the big guys. So the order is not yet in the group. It will take time for everyone to know their place.
    Private it works great. Nate and I have been a couple for more than a year and enjoy the time together. Since I have a lot to do with the university and the horses, we use every free second for each other. We were even back at the Christmas market, although Nate is not a fan of it. Of course I rewarded him for that! Haha.
    Well, there is still a lot to plan, as I would like to spend at least a few days in Spain with my family. Maybe not right on Christmas, because that's what I spend with Nate. But it still has to be between Christmas and New Year's Eve.
    The biggest surprise, however, had an old friend of Nate and me. Matt passed the days, visiting the stable. Nate had probably told him that I was there. However, the big transporter unsettled me. Why did Matt have this? Did he want to visit us for a while and bring some horses? That would have been unnecessary. Both Nate and I have enough that he could have lent one.
    The horse in the trailer was really an eye-catcher. A wonderfully powerful American Paint Horse stallion, a Sabino with Splash. Curious, he looked around as he followed Matt to me. As it turned out, the stallion was a Christmas present for me. I could not believe it. Not only because Matt could get hold of such a great guy, but that he made such an expensive gift to me. It moved me to tears. In the evening we sat comfortably together, talked, enjoyed the time together. It was so reflective.
    The next day I took more time for my new horse. He saw how he had settled in and decided to test him. When cleaning I took a lot of time, tried to get a feel for him. Watch his reactions while saddling and then lead him to one of the more remote paddocks. He should not be distracted by the others and the day was too good for the covered place. As soon as I sat on him, I first rode him warm. And then it went off. His gears were so light and springy. The gallop as if you were floating. Only when I really drove him, you could feel the hard touchdown. But it was worth it, because he really had a fire under his ass. Laughing, I enjoyed the cold wind on my face and was grateful to Matt for this guy.
    All I could say was this: Welcome to the family Apostolos LET!
    alt text
    (Christmas present by the amazing @Ivan-Kanerva <3 )

  • Sim update!
    My main sim has been revised. @Ivan-Kanerva was a great help to me. And two pictures, because I could not decide between the backgrounds.
    alt text

  • New Year's Ride

    The stressful time is finally behind us. Christmas was over, then I was with my family in Spain and on New Year's Eve I flew home to celebrate the New Year in London. And of course with my sweetheart.
    Unfortunately, the stress had not yet allowed Ash to be integrated into the herd. I have to catch up.
    What else is new? Exactly! I was with a new friend because her mares got foals. I liked the chestnuts so much and it said all at once, the little foal was meant for me. I was completely surprised and pleased. Another stallion for me. I have no mares. As soon as the foal does not need his mum, he is allowed to move in with me.
    New Year then I grabbed Ahiga, whistled to Ajax and swung myself on horseback. When we left, everything was fine, but when we arrived in the fields, it started snowing heavily. Within a short time this remained on us. However, we did not stop that, even if the ride was shorter. Maybe I should have put on a jacket. Ahiga still enjoyed the move and Ajax is always happy when he can join us.
    This has been a great start to the new year!
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  • Details about Whiskey. [Coat Update!]

    Name: D/Z Skellig Rocks Whiskey
    Barn Name: Whiskey
    Breed: American Quarter Horse
    Age: 1 3/4 y/o
    Sex: Stallion
    Colour: Chestnut (with Dapples)
    Genotype: ee Aa
    Height: /cm ('")

    Discipline: Reining

    Sire: Irish Whiskey Hero
    Dam: Rocks to the Water

    Owner: Francesca Díaz

    Whiskey came to me as a foal and only spent time elsewhere to grow up with peers. Even then he was a pretty naughty guy and that did not change when he found his way back to me.
    He is still bold, whether he is opposite to others or people. He does not know his borders yet and therefore he can become harsh without wanting to. So far, he has not started with the big boys, but rather annoys his buddy hobbit.
    He is still allowed to misbehave, even if we practice often, for later. I just will not forget that he is still a baby and still has to learn.
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    Details about Ash.

    Name: Apostolos LET
    Barn Name: Ash/Archeron
    Breed: American Paint Horse
    Age: 8 y/o
    Sex: Gelding
    Colour: Black Graying Sabino
    Height: /cm ('")

    Discipline: Reining & Cutting

    Sire: /
    Dam: /

    Breeder: Ivan Argentum
    Owner: Francesca Díaz

    alt text

  • Father & Son. It's so cuuute <3

    Details about Joe.

    Name: D/Z Heza Linebacker Joe
    Barn Name: Joe
    Breed: American Paint Horse
    Age: / y/o
    Sex: Colt
    Colour: Grullo Overo
    Genotype: Ee aa Dd nO
    Height: 157cm (x'x") - estimate size

    Discipline: depending on the training

    Sire: D/Z Ahiga Preescript
    Dam: WSP Bat Shot Crazy

    Breeder: Francesca Díaz
    New Owner: @Piper-Chance

    Joe is really a punk of a foal. The chance was small and yet such a fascinating color came out. He can really show his face. Joe is very curious, likes to explore and only shows reasonable caution against unknown things. Still pretty playful, will certainly be an attentive and calm stallion out of him.
    He also knows dogs and likes them. Other horses are great, at least you can play with them.
    Piper, I think you've got a wonderful tournament stallion, or one that will send offspring.
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    (speededit/marking by me)

  • We have a new guy in the stable. WSP Tight End Jac (aka Jac - bay minimal Tobiano APH gelding) from @Piper-Chance .
    Toschi stands comfortably while Ash wants to play. And Jac and Ahiga? Well, there seems to be a true bromance. <3
    alt text

  • Bro love is true love ❤️

  • @Mira-Green said in Tyne Creek Ranch || Frankies Life -> Bromance with the new Horse:

    Bro love is true love ❤️

    Thats right! ❤

  • Time in one spot

    What should I say big about it? I actually managed to catch all the boys in one place and to get a picture of it. This is always a matter of luck, because even if everyone understands each other, you rarely ever find them all in one place. Some are in the shelter, the others in the hay. Some stand around, others play.
    Here they have probably just enjoyed the sun in peace and stuffed the bellies. Just when I wanted to take a picture, the feed was briefly uninteresting.
    Roanoke's Jelly Biscuit (the little Chestnut Sabino) and D/Z Skellig Rocks Whiskey (the Chestnut) found the camera much more interesting.
    D/Z Watch me Nae Nae (Amber Champagne Overo) and D/Z Heza Runningback Ted (Seal Brown Roan Overo) have rather engaged.
    All yearlings are between 1 and 1.5 years old. And yes, Jelly and Teddy are new to the troop. However, Hobbit and Whiskey have taken the two very well.
    More about Jelly and Teddy will follow soon, after all, they also need their own idea!
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  • Such cute little guys <3

  • @Claire-von-Hohenfeld said in Tyne Creek Ranch || Frankies Life -> Photoshoot Part 1:

    Such cute little guys <3

    Thank z Darling <3

  • Blackscreen Shooting Part I
    Ahiga & me -> Barrel Racing
    alt text

  • D/Z Supercalifragilisticexpialigetisch, my new colt. He is 3 1/2 years old and in education. And no, he is a Palomino, not a Cremello ^^ I'm still looking for a barn name. I like Blondie. Do you have better ideas?
    alt text

  • Pretty horses! ♥

  • @Alba-Moran
    Thank u <3

  • Lovely horses! I kind of want to get a few western horses after seeing all your horses (No joke, i took it from the beginning xD

  • @Thea-Radmer said in Tyne Creek Ranch || D/Z Supercalifragilisticexpialigetisch:

    Lovely horses! I kind of want to get a few western horses after seeing all your horses (No joke, i took it from the beginning xD

    Oh wow, that's a huge compliment for me! I thank you so much. <3

  • Beautiful horse :heart_eyes: I think that these names suit him: Tea Biscuit, Kiwi, Krystal, Cappuccino

  • @Zatanna-Westerlund said in Tyne Creek Ranch || D/Z Supercalifragilisticexpialigetisch:

    Beautiful horse :heart_eyes: I think that these names suit him: Tea Biscuit, Kiwi, Krystal, Cappuccino

    Thank you! <3
    These are great names, but I'm looking for a short stable name, not a show name. Like Blondie, Cali, Calle, Charmeur. Kiwi ;)

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