{ENDED |WINNERS} Silver Berry's Titled Warmblood Auction

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    Welcome to yet another SBS Auction.

    This time we have brought together some of our finest warmbloods in which we wish to seek new homes. These are some of the older lines of SBS, so it is preferred that they go to well shown homes.
    They are being sold because i am wanting to expand in different lines, and i feel like these guys arent being shown off anymore rather then the others.
    These horses are very close to me, so please only bid if you are very interested in keeping this horse going in competing
    Under saddle pictures and CAP pictures can be given via a DM or PM (although i reply faster via Slack).

    Please read the rules below before you place a bid.


    • Please do not share the horse (mass download). Only share (to new owner) files if they are being sold.
    • Do not alter coat or conformation in any way. Shine and detail markings may be edited though as long as it doesn't affect the coat too much as i understand everyone has their own preferences.
    • Please do not change their name as they have been given for a reason. Also, please do not remove or add your own prefix. The horse has to keep SBS, or their current prefix if it isnt mine.
    • These horses are being sold off as show horses. So please please please, enter them in every show possible.
    • You may geld/breed/sell them as you wish. If you are interested in selling them, please contact me first as i may want to buy them back as.
    • If you are missing markings, please feel free to add similar ones, or just remake the marking. I will NOT help you find missing markings.
    • All horses have mainsites which will be linked under their pictures.
    • Please add an emoji to your first bid so i know you have read the rules. :banana:
    • Starting bid for all horses is $10,000, minimum bid increase is $1,000. No maximum bid increase, and no autobuy.

    This auction will be held as normal for a whole 2 weeks, ending on the 10th of September. And of course, any horses that receive bids on the 10th will turn this auction into an ends 24hrs ALB. Just to make sure everyone has a fair chance to bid.

    SBS Durango
    alt text
    Breed: Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse)
    Mainsite: https://equus.community/viewhorse.php?id=21258
    Discipline 1: Show Jumping ~ 93 points ~ Show Jumping Regional Champion.
    Discipline 2: Eventing ~ 82 points ~ Eventing Regional Champion.
    Durango has been the founding stud at SBS. He was brought up by myself, and trained into my favorite disciplines. Durango took a while in the show ring to get the hang of things. But now he strives in both and competes to his best. Durango is also the sire of many talented offspring that you may see around the place, even having some still at SBS that are doing fantastic in our careers. Overall Durango is an excellent competitor, and would be very much suited to a show home.

    SBS Ansel
    alt text
    Breed: Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse)
    Mainsite: https://equus.community/viewhorse.php?id=24472
    Discipline 1: Show Jumping ~ 34 points ~ Show Jumping Local Champion.
    Discipline 2: Show Hunting ~ 19 points
    Ansel is a younger horse here in this SBS auction, but not the youngest at the stables. He was one of the many few offspring bred in the first few months of us becoming SBS, so he has stuck with us for some time. Ansel has been previously sold before, many times actually, only yet to be brought back to us. We have kept him for a short time to get his points up, but we do believe that someone out there will be his perfect home. Ansel has great moment, and is a very willing horse. He would be suited to a new show home, as he still doesn't have many points, but is capable of much much more.

    SBS Cupid
    alt text
    Breed: Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse)
    Mainsite: https://equus.community/viewhorse.php?id=23584
    Discipline 1: Show Jumping ~ 38 points ~ Show Jumping Local Champion.
    Discipline 2: None
    Cupid was yet another horse i made (actually a friend made him for me just mucking around, and i kept him), and so he too has been through thick and thin with us. Cupid has a well temperament, and with a passion to do his best in the show ring for his rider. Cupid can be a little edgy sometimes, but its nothing an experienced rider cant handle. Cupid would need an experienced rider in the show ring as he can be a bit tense, but other then that Cupid is the perfect horse for a rider wanting more the just a plod along pony.

    SBS Myra
    alt text
    Breed: Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse)
    Mainsite: https://equus.community/viewhorse.php?id=21346
    Discipline 1: Dressage ~ 55 points ~ Dressage Regional Champion.
    Discipline 2: None
    Myra is a well footed, well paced horse that has also been one of the first horses at SBS. He has sired many wonderful dressage prospects as he withholds wonderful traits and a lovely temperament. Myra has never been sold before, and so this will be his first official time up for sale, not due to any fault of his own. Myra is a very forward moving horse, so a rider that has a few years behind their belt would be best suited for Myra. Other then that Myra is an excellent companion horse an has never kicked, bucked or bitten towards another horse, overall Myra is such a lovely boy and is looking for his new forever home.

    AR Taskora
    alt text
    Breed: Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse)
    Mainsite: https://equus.community/viewhorse.php?id=23583
    Discipline 1: Show Jumping ~ 75 points ~ Show Jumping Regional Champion.
    Discipline 2: Show Hunting ~ 62 points ~ Show Hunters Regional Champion.
    Comes with custom marking!
    Taskora was an early day import (one of the first ones i had actually) so she too is another founding horse at SBS. She has quite a few points under her belt, and is one of our best hunters and show jumping mares. She is a wonderful mother when in foaling, and she is also a great companion horse if ever needed in a paddock with others. She is a lovely horse to be ridden, with her excelling skills in the show jumping field as she moves up in levels. Taskora will also need a slightly more confident/skilled rider, but is a lovely mare that would suite just about any show home.

    VAPH Gingerbred Man
    alt text
    Breed: Bavarian Warmblood
    Mainsite: https://equus.community/viewhorse.php?id=25646
    Discipline 1: Eventing ~ 55 points ~ Eventing Regional Champion.
    Discipline 2: Dressage ~ 19 points
    Gingerbred Man (Ginger) was bought a while ago along with another horse of the breed to compete with. His friend was sold a while ago, as well as the advertisement of Ginger too, but sadly no one was interested - so we kept him. He slowly began coming more successful in his shows and so we were super pumped to have decided to keep him. He has lovely movements and an easy to sit to canter, which is much loved as riders will understand. He can get a little cranky sometimes with other horses, but who wouldn't if another horse ran up your behind! Ginger again is a lovely stallion, and is looking for a new home with someone that is willing to keep him competing and that offers a 24/7 carrot buffet.

    Leading Bids:

    SBS Durango ~ SB ~ Vivien Stone

    SBS Ansel ~ SB ~ Irene Crownguard

    SBS Cupid ~ SB ~ Johanna Masters

    SBS Myra ~ SB ~ Miranda Gage

    AR Taskora ~ 11k ~ Jase Sunshine

    VAPH Gingerbred Man ~ SB ~ Irene Crownguard

    alt text

  • Durango - SB
    Taskora - SB


  • PR Committee

    Starting bid - SBS Cupid


  • All accepted :heart:

  • Well, as we say in Spain: we are going to throw the house out the window. *

    SBS Ansel = SB
    VAPH Gingerbred Man = SB :bear:

    *It is said that someone throws the house out the window when making extraordinary expenses.

    I did not have in mind buying more horses, but damn, they are amazing. I have had and I have excellent results with the horses that I have bought you. Not bidding on this auction, even just once, is not acceptable to me. ^^

  • AR Taskora ~ 11k :trophy:

  • All accepted :heart_decoration:
    Leading bids updated!

  • SBS Myra ~SB ❤

  • Accepted :heart_exclamation:

  • This auction has been lengthened!

    I will be off for the whole week doing work experience at a stable, so it will end on the 17th when i get back.

    Happy bidding! :heart:

  • Could i take my bid back ? I already found another horse <3

  • If Nicole's bid has been removed,

    I will bid SB on SBS Myra!


  • @Nicole-Löffler thats completely fine :heart:

    @Miranda-Gage accepted! :heart_decoration:

  • Auction will be ending tomorrow at 8pm (Aus Victoria time)!

    Get your bids in whilst you still have the chance!

  • Congratulations to all winners! This auction has now ended! Please send money and ill PM or DM you with files (if i need your email please send that to me too)

    SBS Durango ~ @Vivien-Stone

    SBS Ansel ~ @Irene-Crownguard

    SBS Cupid ~ @Johanna-Masters

    SBS Myra ~ @Miranda-Gage

    AR Taskora ~ @Jase-Sunshine

    VAPH Gingerbred Man ~ @Irene-Crownguard

    Thank you all!

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