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    Hi I'm Kayla, I'm the owner of Trillium Equestrian & Homestretch Racing. Trillium horses compete in Show Jumping, Eventing, and Polo. While over at Homestretch, the horses compete in Flat Racing, Harness Racing, Endurance and Trec.

    We are dedicated to the development of solid foundations in Horsemanship and Correct Riding Skills from novice to advanced levels, with Safety and the Welfare of the horse and rider always being our foremost and primary concern.

    Here I will post updates of what's going on at Trillium and Homestretch. I will try to post regularly, but sometimes RL gets in the way. We will give it a shot anyways. We hope you enjoy your visit with us.

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    Name Breed Gender Title Rider Status
    TLM King's Ransom Hanoverian Stallion National Kayla Albright Active
    TLM Leap Of Faith Knabstrupper (Sport) Stallion National Travis Bauer Active
    TLM Feature Presentation Irish Sport Horse Stallion International Robert Pratt Active
    TLM Steppin' Out Irish Sport Horse Stallion National Kyle Albright Active
    TLM Imagine That Dutch Warmblood Stallion State Kevin Albright Active
    TLM Total Rebellion Hanoverian Stallion National Robert Pratt Active
    Tind's Heart Stealer Swedish Warmblood Mare Regional - Retired
    TLM Knight Ranger Hanoverian Stallion Regional Tyler Bauer Active
    Aerie's A Splash of Class Knabstrupper (Sport) Mare State - Retired due to Injury
    TLM Kestrel's Flight Hanoverian Mare Regional Catherine Albright Active
    TLM King Arthur Hanoverian Stallion Regional Katrina Bauer Active
    Monachyle's Adelanto Dutch Warmblood Stallion State Travis Bauer Active
    TLM Lickity Split Knabstrupper (Sport) Stallion Regional Katlynn Bauer Active
    RDEC Vyasa Dutch Warmblood Mare Regional Erica Andrews Active
    Gambit ET Dutch Warmblood Stallion Local Kayla Albright Active
    TLM Acapella Dutch Warmblood Mare Regional Kyle Albright Active
    TLM Cherish Dutch Warmblood Mare Regional Kevin Albright Active
    SBS Burgandy Rose Dutch Warmblood Mare Local Katrina Bauer Active
    PCRA Akasha Dutch Warmblood Mare Local Katlynn Bauer Active
    TLM Lune de miel Dutch Warmblood Mare - Tyler Bauer Active
    TLM Layali Dutch Warmblood Mare Local Erica Andrews Active

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    Name Breed Gender Title Rider Status
    Regale's Agent Washington Finnish Warmblood Stallion International Abbey Kemp Active
    I See Fire vH Finnish Warmblood Stallion National Sammi Douglas Active
    TLM Knight Ranger Hanoverian Stallion Local Tyler Bauer Active
    HRST Sunchaser Hanoverian Stallion Regional Abbey Kemp Active
    Harlow's Green with Envy Finnish Warmblood Mare State Sammi Douglas Active
    KPE Psyla Swedish Warmblood Mare Regional Sam Winchester Active
    IOK/TLM Captain Canada Canadian Sport Horse Stallion Regional Dean Winchester Active
    WHEC Patches Trakehner Mare Regional Troy McCord Active
    TLM Kalahari Dutch Warmblood Mare Regional Dean Winchester Active
    Ridge's Kashmire Thoroughbred Mare Regional Holly Lowery Active
    TLM Serendipity Hanoverian Mare Local Sam Winchester Active
    RFE Nocte Caelum Dutch Warmblood Mare - Holly Lowery Active
    TLM Agent Green Finnish Warmblood Mare Local Troy McCord Active

  • Reserved - Polo
    alt text
    Name Breed Gender Title Rider Team Status
    Hunting's Rainstorm Thoroughbred Mare State Annie Ryan Trillium Tornado's Active
    Hunting's Kiss Em & Leave Em Thoroughbred Mare State Bernadette Brewster Trillium Tornado's Active
    Hunting's Wild At Heart Thoroughbred Mare State Sabrina Bearden Trillium Tornado's Active
    Hunting's Good Luck Charm Thoroughbred Gelding State Brianna Eller Trillium Tornado's Active
    TLM Keela Dutch Warmblood Mare Local Pedro Hammer Trillium Thundering Hoove's Active
    TLM Jasmine Dutch Warmblood Mare Regional Matthew Greenfield Trillium Thundering Hoove's Active
    TLM Juniper Dutch Warmblood Mare Local Antony Lapointe Trillium Thundering Hoove's Active
    TLM Kravitz Dutch Warmblood Gelding Local Bill Potts Trillium Thundering Hoove's Active

  • Reserved - Flat Racing
    alt text
    Name Breed Gender Title Jockey Status
    QMR Cloud Dancer Thoroughbred Stallion National Leland Lowery Injured off till 08.2017
    TLM Brewed Attitude Thoroughbred Mare National Victor Snider Active
    Celtic Knight S Thoroughbred Stallion State Lana Cavanaugh Active
    FC Bury The Hatchet Thoroughbred Mare State Courtney Parker Active
    FC Girl Wonder Thoroughbred Mare Regional Chase Earl Active
    FC Sound Off Thoroughbred Mare Regional Karissa Moore Active
    FC Slew Of Charm Thoroughbred Stallion Regional Crissy Roche Active
    TLM Athena Akhal-Teke Mare State Tiffany Bell Active
    TLM Sarissa Akhal-Teke Mare Regional Gina McVey Active
    TLM Paradoks Akhal-Teke Stallion Regional Shawn Rogers Active
    Legend Has It Thoroughbred Stallion Local Roy Ford Active
    SG Pull Up My Socks Thoroughbred Mare Local Clay Gill Active
    SG Made You Look Thoroughbred Stallion Local Percy Pena Active
    Steelworker's Song Thoroughbred Stallion Regional Becky O'Shea Active
    Midnight Rose Thoroughbred Stallion Regional Antonio Tirado Active
    SVEC On Borrowed Time Thoroughbred Stallion - Shawn O'Shea Active
    Love's Verse HSR Thoroughbred Stallion Local Roberta Sutton Active
    Royale's Afire Love Thoroughbred Mare Regional - Retired

  • Reserved - Flat Racing
    alt text
    Name Breed Gender Endurance Title Trec Title Rider Status
    Celeridad Santiago Criollo Gelding State Local Ronan Dex Active
    RAHS Soldado Criollo Stallion Regional - Hunter Havens Active
    RAHS Tentadora Criollo Mare Regional - Dave Tyson Active
    TLM Bafina Akhal-Teke Mare Local - Daniela Pressley Active
    TLM Kegas Akhal-Teke Stallion Regional Local Darren Ware Active
    TLM Kambarbay Akhal-Teke Stallion Regional Local Raylan Givens Active
    Chocolate Surprise HSR Mule Mare Local - Vicki Pearson Active
    Intense Suspense HSR Mule Mare - - Sonja Davis Active
    Wind Breaker HSR Mule Mare - - Molly Baldwin Registration Pending
    Controlled Chaos HSR Mule Stallion - - Clara Mason Registration Pending

  • For my first photo post I thought I would show off myself and my family. So here we are!

    alt text

    Katrina, Me (Kayla), Tyler, Travis (my handsome hubby), Katrina. Besides the horses we also have 2 Anatolian Shepherds (Zeke & Maya), and an English Cocker Spaniel (Bailey)

    Over the holidays Travis and I went to the Local Sale Barn. We had heard that there would be some horses that were from out of the Country. So we headed over to take a look at the horses up for sale.

    alt text

    The Local Sale Barn

    alt text

    Travis and I looking at the horses up for sale

    alt text

    Inside the Sale Barn

  • Ohh, looks so exciting! Any new arrivals? :D

    Did you build the lot yourself? Because if you did it's amazing!

  • Thanks Lidija, and yes I built the 2 lots New arrivals will be in my next post :smiley:

  • Administrators

    I absolutely adore the sales barn, what a great build! I'm already loving the story!!

  • @Blake-Bellanaris Thanks Blake :smiley:

    When Travis and I had returned from the sale barn, and we didn't return home empty handed. (sometimes I just can't help myself!). We had 3 new Thoroughbred's in the trailer's we had brought with us. I wasn't planning on adding to our flat racing team, but when I called my sister Krista (who is running Homestretch for me) and asked her is she could handle being responsible for 3 more racers, she screamed and said that she would love that. So of course I had to get them :smiley:

    alt text
    Legend Has It - We picked up this guy from Sophie Lawrence. Rumor has a fantastic pedigree and comes with a +8 pedigree bonus

    alt text
    Rumor showing off in the pasture

    alt text
    SG Made You Look - This guy comes from Jasmine O'Connell. I fell in love with him right from the moment I saw him.

    alt text
    Julian enjoying his time out in the pasture

    alt text
    SG Pull Up My Socks - This lovely girl comes from Jasmine O'Connell as well. She has quite the personality and will need a strong jockey to handle her.

    alt text
    Sara letting us know who's boss

  • Rumor looks great! :smiley: I love that sale barn, and your other new horses are gorgeous!

  • Wow, I love the pictures from the Sale barn, so creative and unique. Good luck with the newcomers, they look fabolus all of them :smile:

  • Ahh all of these guys look fantastic! I love that sales lot too- it really looks like an auction hall!

  • @Sophie-Lawrence said in Trillium Equestrian | Homestretch Racing | New Arrivals:

    Rumor looks great! :smiley: I love that sale barn, and your other new horses are gorgeous!

    Thanks Sophie. We can't wait to see how Rumor does in his first official race. Keeping fingers crossed that he does well :smiley:

    @Merida-Dahmer said in Trillium Equestrian | Homestretch Racing | New Arrivals:

    Wow, I love the pictures from the Sale barn, so creative and unique. Good luck with the newcomers, they look fabolus all of them :smile:

    Thank Merida, I had a lot of fun creating the sale barn. Took awhile to make

    @Jasmine-O'Connell said in Trillium Equestrian | Homestretch Racing | New Arrivals:

    Ahh all of these guys look fantastic! I love that sales lot too- it really looks like an auction hall!

    Thank you, I'm really pleased with how their pasture pics turned out. Trying a new lighting mod, and so far am liking it. :smiley:

  • I'm so excited!! I finally completed my Trillium Equestrian world (Malakwa) and the facilities. Still a few minor tweaks (like the waterfall) to do, but everything else is done. :smile: Now to start work on my world for Homestretch Racing (Sicamous) and their facilities.

    So seeing that world and facilities are complete, why not share some pics. Right! I took these pics shortly after sunrise. There is also a Veterinarian, forgot to take pics. Will show them at a later date. :smile:

    alt text
    This is the entrance into our facilities

    alt text
    Up the drive a wee bit on the right is my home with small barn (turned into garage) Travis keeps his toys stored there. :smile:

    alt text
    On the left is extra parking

    alt text
    Round pens

    alt text
    This is our Polo barn, our Eventing barn is identical but on the otherside of facility

    alt text
    Our Polo field that's surrounded by trees

    alt text
    One of the jumps on our Cross-country course

    alt text
    Overhead pic of Cross-country course

    alt text
    Indoor arena

    alt text
    Inside arena

    alt text
    Training rings & hotwalker

    alt text
    Main barn (where all the action is!)

    alt text
    Stallion Isle in Main barn

    alt text
    Show Jumping arena

    alt text
    Aerial view of my world and Trillium Equestrian facilities

  • Omg, those facilities are gorgeous! :heart_eyes:

    You should build my facilities. :wink:

  • PR Committee

    Your blog is already full of amazing pictures, I missed so much!
    I love the sales barn, it looks so real! Those sims walking around and the horses in their pens, it looks so real! Our auctionhouse is about 10 times darker and dirtier, so I definitely prefer your sim version :p
    And congrats on the new Thoroughbreds, is it bad that I want to steal them all? Especially that chestnut mare, her coat looks just so soft and glossy. Good luck finding a jockey to handle her!
    And your facilities ... just tell me when I can move in, and I'll be there! You have such a great eye for detail, the entrance picture is so serene and welcoming, I love the signs next to the gates. Your horses definitely live in comfort and style, the barns and arenas are all so great :kissing_smiling_eyes:

  • @Sophie-Lawrence @Callixta-Rosella Thank you ladies for your wonderful comments :smile: You are both welcome to come and visit anytime. There is always room in one of our staff residences, and we have a few empty stalls for visiting horses. And we are only about an hours drive from the big city if your ever up for a girl's night out. :dancer_tone1:

    On another note, the results from the show jumping competition came in, and we did alright. Made a little profit, so that is always a good thing.

    My son Tyler did not have a good time at all. On his second to last jump his horse Ranger (TLM Knight Ranger) decided he didn't want to jump and put on the brakes. Tyler went flying off of him and landed hard on the ground. No injuries to Ranger, but Tyler however ended up landing the wrong way and broke his ankle. So Tyler will be out until the cast comes off. His sister Katrina will be taking over riding Ranger till then.

  • This... I... I have ZERO WORDS! I am in love! It looks super realistic with all the parking lots, the way it's constructed and it really looks like something for horses in real life, not how I made everything private and enclosed and doesn't look horsey at all xD

    I can't wait 'till you start posting more photos of the action happening around the lots! Amazing, keep it up!

  • @Lidija-Rotherford Thanks Lidija Your facilities look great, from what I've seen in your photos :smile:

    In my last update I had mentioned that my son Tyler broke his ankle. Well he's not to thrilled to have to stay home off his foot for a few days. I'm sure by the weekend he will be giving orders to his sister on how Ranger should be ridden. It's going to be real fun around here for the next few weeks :scream:

    alt text

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