[Open] Yeguada Xantre Adoptions

  • Starting out a brand new project now that my new facilities are settled and ready to have some new horses!
    The reason behind this project is giving unwanted horses a second chance that's why I am not asking for money in any case for any of the adopted horses. These horses will be stalled in Yeguada Xantre facilities where we have over 35 stalls for our horses and large pastures for them to enjoy life. The adopted horses can be any age from foals to retired horses, any breed and gender is welcomed. Notice that some of the younger horses will be put up for adoption when trained, again I won't accept any amount of money for any of the horses and neither I will pay for them to come to our facilities. For those horses that may be put up for adoption, home selection will be very meticulous as I don't want the horses to be locked in a stall with no training 24/7.
    If you have a horse that you don't want or that you don't compete/use and you are thinking about sending him to the Reclaimable Horses account please consider this option before making that decision.
    If you finally decided to let me adopt your horse please read the rules below so everything is clear:

    • The adopted horse may come with file and main site profile or only main site profile, a sim will be created for this horse using a picture as reference.
    • Horse's information will remain the same either will do coat colour, gender and similar things.
    • Horses with no main site profile are accepted as well.
    • Your horse will have his/her own stall and will enjoy everyday free time in our pastures.
    • Retired horses will have very light training in our walker a couple times per week to keep them fit and active and will be "stalled" in the pastures.
    • All horses will be accepted until no free stalls are left, once that happens horses will be on a waiting list until some of the current ones are adopted.
    • Pictures of the horses will be posted on my album here.

    To have your horse adopted please contact me here or in slack telling me about your horse and why are you giving him/her for adoption.

  • The first horse just arrived the stud facilities! Catarina, a Lusitano mare.
    alt text

  • i'd be super interested in adopting one or two horses from ya, once you get to that point. i'll have to keep an eye out! i think this is a great idea

  • @Angeles-Dunn thank you! <3 So happy you are interested :D I will make a site for adoptions on my website once I have some horses ready for that, I will be posting updates about this here :slight_smile:

  • Opened a Horse Adoption service on my website, there are horses to be added.

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