[ENDED] Eventing Warmblood Mare

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    • The horse must remain active competing in random shows.
    • Album images are not requiered but welcomed.
    • You can't change the horse's coat, conformation and/or name, dapple greys turn white and stallions may be gelded.
    • If you no longer want the horse please contact me first as I may want the horse back.
    • Only one copy of the horse will be active, I will keep one in case you lose yours.
    • The horse will be reclaimed if it becomes inactive for 4 RL months with no previous warning or if any of the rules are not followed.
    • If the horse doesn't show up as it looks in the images below please contact me so I can help you find the missing CC.

    Boltzmann's Gindrera
    Westphalian Main Site Profile
    Bay Eventing - 0 points
    Mare +5 Pedigree Bonus Eventing
    $17,000 +7 Pedigree Bonus SJ

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    alt text

    If you are interested on buying Ginger please Direct Message me telling me a bit about you, your stables and why are you interested on her and her future in your stables.

  • Congratulations to @Amelia-Martin-Teagarden! :slight_smile:

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