[sold] Amateur Eventing Horse for Sale


    ~ do not use the horse as a template nor put for mass download.
    ~ minimal changes in template/coat are allowed.
    ~ if the horse is missing any markings you have to replace them with similar one(s).
    ~ if you no longer want the horse you are obliged to contact us first as we may want the horse back.
    ~ only active home will be taken under account.
    ~ this horse is a gelding which means he can NOT be use as a stud.
    ~ in your application, please, be sincere. no story tellers are needed, only seriously interested.

    Lexington Stud presents:

    Vallado av Eloyard

    I 13 y/o gelding, KWPN, Eventing I
    Vallado is a real schoolmaster and would be suitable for beginner/amateur riders . He competes up to level 4 ( Preliminary) in Eventing. Active, as well as loving, home required!.

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