[FOUND!] Show Jumpers!

  • I am looking to add 2 show jumpers to my show jumping team.

    Breed, color, points, age is not a huge issue.

    A decent pedigree is a bonus but also not a huge issue.

    I am looking for something with a high quality coat and a horse that will excel in the upper levels of show jumping (the level they are at now is not an issue as I plan to show actively and will get the horse to my desired level)

    You can be assured your horse will be active and compete in all shows.
    I also give credit where credit is due so the breeder will be credited when necessary and will always keep their name, prefix, and/or suffix.

    In addition to this, I play my Sims realistically, the horse will also be used actively in my game. Where it will have private turn out, private stall, etc..

    In the event I were to become inactive or go on hiatus, the former owner will be informed and I will cooperate to return the horse, or I will pay to lease the horse so they will still compete actively until I come back.

  • I have a Dutch Warmblood competing in show jumping, she has 45 points and gets/gives +1 pedigree bonus :slight_smile: If you are interested I will contact the previous owner to see if I have permission to sell her.

  • @Celia-Acosta that would be great! Thank you!

  • Still looking for one, possibly two show jumpers :)

  • Breed Committee

    Are you still looking for jumpers? :smile:

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