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    Today I have a random thing I threw together, a shader to make your old horses look their age. It can be used as different opacities to acheive anywhere from early greying, to a full on elder grey. It could also be used as an actual grey shader or general shader used in other colors. I hope you enjoy!


    In game shot, used on fairly light opacity with some other shaders (horse in photo is 16 years old):


    Download Here!

    Hey guys, I have some new stuff for you all today! Recently resized adult foals have been gaining popularity however there are no foal-like poses to suit their nature, so I whipped up a small pack of foal/mom and foal poses. Some of them have small glitches and require omsp/pose player add on to get them to the right height so just a heads up with that :smile_cat: But without further or do, the poses:


    And as a bonus, three weanling templates (less than 6 months of age)!


    Download here!
    Poses Only | Poses + Templates

    Old Releases:


    Download Here!

    Dun Leg Shaders + Barring

    0_1484384935420_shader1.jpg 0_1484384940615_barring.jpg 0_1484384943931_shader2.jpg 0_1484384955208_combined.jpg

    Download Here

    Roan Set


    Download Here

  • runs around, falls over
    Those foals are amazing, the poses are amazing! oomg <3 Thankyou so much! just in time for my sale! woohoo! :yellow_heart:

  • oohhh god template weanlings... big thank you Cole :kiss: more pose Weanlings pls ^^"

  • Administrators

    Brilliant brilliant brilliant

  • Ahhh! I love these Cole!

    Thank you so much for sharing! :heart:

  • This is amazing! Thank you so much for this <3

  • Thank you so much for sharing! <3
    This is amazing :3

  • Thank you so much for this very good templates :heart:

  • big thank you I could create my little yearling ^^"

  • Thanks a lot those poses and template are perfect. We'll finally have good looking foals for photos :heart_decoration:

  • Released the old horse face shader!

  • PR Committee

    Weee, I love those foal / yearling poses, they look great! Just a quick question, are they pose-listed? :)

  • I love the old horse face shader! A few of my horses are getting on a bit in age and this will be great! Thank s a lot :)

  • @Callixta-Rosella
    They are not pose listed but I've included a list of the codes in the zip file and you're welcome to get them pose listed

  • I could totally see your old horse marking used for a a greying coat. I need to try it.
    Thank you :)

  • Those baby templates are so perfect! Thanks so much :heart:

  • All of these are so perfect. I've already put some of your stock poses to use.

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