[ENDED] ~Kirrawae Park September Auction~

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    Kirrawae Park proudly presents to you our September young stock auction. This is undoubtedly our highest quality sale to date with some top class youngsters available to the public. Now is your chance to add a Kirrawae horse to your collection.
    Without further ado I give you our youngsters. This auction will run until the 19th of September and will then turn to 24h/alb.

    ☼No mass downloading or uploading/ using as templates.
    ☼Show names must be kept, stable names may be changed.
    ☼Do not alter conformation or coat without my permission.
    ☼Please use similar markings if you are missing some. ( It is almost impossible for me to find the file of the exact marking to send to you).
    ☼Registration can be organised for an additional 1K. (mainsite profiles to come soon)
    ☼Please place some type of symbol (eg ☼) in your first bid.
    ☼Please let me know if you intend to sell the horse or can no longer keep them active.
    ☼Minimum increase $1000
    ☼Auto buy offers considered

    KPE Amouretti
    KPE Amouranth x Freyja NC
    Retti is my pick of the sale. She is a stunning 3yo KWPN buckskin tobiano standing at 16.3hh. She receives +8 bonus points in dressage and +3 in eventing. This gorgeous girl could excel in any discipline with fabulous movement and a scopey bold jump. She has inherited her sires presence and flashy gaits but retained her mothers level headed calm disposition. Retti is a sweet natured mare. She has proven to be very easy to do anything with. She loves nothing more than a cuddle and resting her head on your shoulder to have a snooze.
    Starting bid: $35,000
    KPE Talitha
    KPE Trivoli x WPW Thalia
    Tally is the daintiest of t he bunch and our first warmblood with arabian blood. She is a very pretty mare and an absolute princess. She gets a bonus of +10 in dressage with some of kirrawae Parks best in her pedigree. She is by our stunning stallion Trivoli (Duvals Zendaya x Triviant L) and out of our arabian mare WPW Thalia. She has inherited er mothers pretty head and light footed paces, whilst gaining some bone and power from her sire. We just adore this combination and will be sure to repeat it in the future. Tally is high spirited mare, she has lots of energy and personality so will need a home that will be able to channel this into her work. She can be a little marey but nothing too extreme. She will make a beautiful dressage horse and we look forward to seeing the elegant mare in her knew home.
    Starting bid: $35,000
    KPE Valentino
    RDEC Vandalist x KPE Tutatango
    Tino was bred to jump. His sire, RDEC Vandalist is by RDEC Gottecourt and out of RDEC Voccardieu and his dam KPE Tutatango is out of our Grand Prix mare Dear Dineke. He is a 3yo black tobiano KWPN standing at 16.2hh. He receives a massive +17 in Showjumping and is by far our most talented youngster we have ever made available for the public. He has a heart of gold and always tries his best. Hes a very smoochie stallion and is very easy to handle. We feel he would make a stunning stallion prospect with his good looks capability and pedigree. Definitely not a horse to miss!
    Starting bid: $45,000
    KPE Charisma
    KPE Cladestein x WEC Lourdes
    Charisma is a 3yo bay KWPN mare. She receives +9 in showjumping and carries the bloodline of the legendary WEC Legato. She is an absolute power house and will make a phenomenal showjumping mount. She is extremely athletic and has the brain to match, a very clever mare that's for sure. Shes scopey, agile and brave not to mention the fact that she'd jump off a cliff if you asked. This is a mare that wants to go to the top just as much as her rider, a very rare trait to find in a horse. Whomever purchases this lady will be a lucky person indeed. She will also be the only foal available publicly for our mare WEC Lourdes for the foreseeable future.
    Starting bid: $35,000
    KPE Project Runway
    RP Prince of Exhibition x Kingsmans Carina
    Penny is a 3yo grey Swedish warmblood mare standing at 16.2hh. She receives a +12 in showjumping and a +2 in eventing (both parents still competing). She can be a tricky ride, its not uncommon for her to through in a few bucks if shes happy, unhappy or just for no reason at all really. She has tonnes of tallent though. She has so much scope and really uses her back well over fences. She would really suit a dual career in both SJ and eventing or just a pure SJ. She is a beautiful mare to look at, really throwing to her fathers side. We will be sad to see her go.
    Starting Bid Starting bid: $40,000
    Horse Top Bid
    KPE Valentino 51K - @Rebecca-Wall
    KPE Amouretti SOLD @Selene-Boutsikaris
    KPE Talitha - 35K @Chloe-Dunbar
    KPE Project Runway SOLD @Breanna-Fahnestock
    KPE Charisma 50k @Erica-Ackerson

  • Breed Committee

    KPE Valentino - starting bid :heart_decoration:

  • :sparkling_heart: KPE Valentino- $46,000
    KPE Project Runway- SB

  • Breed Committee

    KPE Valentino- $47,000

  • i'd love to have a Freyja baby...

    KPE Amouretti starting bid <3

  • Competition Committee

    KPE Valentino - $48,000

  • KPE Valentino - $50,000

  • Breed Committee

    KPE Valentino - $51,000

  • All bids accepted thus far :)

  • Top bids have now been added.

  • Competition Committee

    Damn it Neeve........

    KPE Charisma - starting bid :art: (describes her pretty well, methinks)

  • PR Committee

    i dont need another one i don't need another one.....

  • SB - KPE Project Runway :dancer:

  • @Neeve-Kalford does this mean I get Retti <3

  • @Selene-Boutsikaris 24h/alb doesn't start till the 19th :)

  • @Luke-Teth Erica already had SB on project runway. She has now been sold via auto buy :)

  • Doh, I had been looking at the latest bids instead of scrolling through to make sure :face_palm:

  • KPE Charisma- $50,000

  • Accepted :) main post updated

  • Amouretti has been sold via auto buy to @Selene-Boutsikaris KPE Talitha still has no bids and receives a +10 in dressage!

  • Competition Committee

    Well, we need to fix that......
    KPE Talitha - SB :clapper:

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