Makin It Rain Raffle [ Ends 9/15]

  • Making it Rain Raffle

    I have far too much money with no hopes of every finding anything to spend it on. Trust me I have tried. So instead of it just sitting and growing mold in my bank account I have decided to do something very fun and very charitable for the community. I am holding a money raffle. I am going to be giving out a very large chunk of money to 5 lucky winners. You have 5 days to enter this raffle. Five days to run and dash as fast as you can.
    I want to make it rain, let that money fall on down so that we can all roll around in it together.

    Now the rules are very very simple, and there is only two of them.
    Rule 1: Entrants must not have more than 100k in their bank accounts ( I will be checking)
    Rule 2: You must enter a secret password on the raffle form so that I know you are all very very serious about this grand giveaway. On the raffle form I would love it if you would please enter a made up name of a Dancer ;D :wink: :wink: in the password column. All in good fun of course xD

    Now for the prizes!

    1st: 125k
    3rd: 125k
    4th: 75k
    5th: 75k

    See making it rain!


  • Some changes have been made to the raffle, but its back up, and I have increased prizes for any inconvenience

  • Do people need to reenter if already entered?

  • Moderation Committee

    This is such a sweet idea! Good luck to all the entrants :heart_decoration:

  • No you don't need to re-enter if you already entered @Treyvor-Storm

    Also guys I need the name of your account on the main site so I can check to see if everyone is following the rules and has less than 100k I have a stable name on the form xD and need the name I would send the money too please.

    and thank you @Elin-Fredriksdotter I want new members and members that are less fortunate to be able to bid on a horse of their dreams, actually stand a chance to get their stables off the ground and add in a few more horses so that they can proper compete :)

  • Such a great thing your doing Tiffany! :clap_tone1:

  • Thank you so much for this Raffle! I'd really like to buy a horse that costs 35,000 But I only have 25,000 😭
    My equus Name is Claire von Hohenfeld:) thought you n
    eed to know

  • This is such a nice and sweet thing to do Tiffany, good luck to all entrants! :heart:

  • this is so awesome, Tiffany. thank you! and good luck to everyone

    hope you like my "dancer" name, btw :laughing:

  • Would you please be able to remove me from the raffle. I had something come up and would be breaking rule 1 afterwards. :3

    Best of luck to all entrants and thank you for hosting the event!

  • Thanks so much for hosting this! Good luck guys. ❤❤

  • @Maize-Winters Yes I can, I am glad you are being a sport and following the rules, thank you

  • I am going to close this as 11:59 Pacific time tonight

  • bless you. <3

  • Winners have been posted!

  • Congrats to all winners!!! :D

  • Thank you so much!!
    Congratulations to all winners <3

  • I don't believe I ended up in 6th :(

    Congrats to all the winners <3 <3 <3

  • Wow! This is amazing :blue_heart:
    Thank you so much!!

  • Development Committee

    @Tiffany-Tieman said in Makin It Rain Raffle [ Ends 9/15]:

    Winners have been posted!

    Oh my gosh! Can't believe it! :flushed:
    I'm so happy right now! :blush:
    Thank you very much for holding this raffle and congrats to all the other winners! :heart:

  • Thank you!
    Such a sweet thing. An congrats to all the winners

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